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All property transactions in Orpington, South East, London are not always easy tasks. They are very involved, and only qualified conveyancing lawyers in Orpington can handle the process to completion. Trusted conveyancing services are required for a successful property transaction. Thus, if you have any property to sell or intend to buy, a conveyancing lawyer can help you.

AVRillo is the company to hire. We have the best conveyancing offers at great prices. We have served different clients in Orpington for many years. This means that we have knowledge of the property market and much more. We will help you complete all the legal tasks involved in property deals at a good price and pace.

Here are the reasons why we are the right choice for all your conveyancing needs:
  • Free trial and money-back policy We allow our customers to enjoy a free trial for a period of time. You can therefore hire us but still have the time to check what we can offer. The trial is meant to make sure that you ascertain that you are working with experienced conveyancers.

    We also offer a money-back guarantee policy. This means that you can get a refund if you realize that the services offered to you are not enough. Maybe you had high expectations and would like to seek such services elsewhere. You can get a refund soon.
  • We understand the national property market. The national property market and the local property market are not the same. Fortunately, we have many years of experience handling property transactions at both levels. This indicates that we have a lot of knowledge in both markets. You will therefore be working with a team of legal advisers who can complete the project without hurdles.
  • No up-front costsMany firms demand up-front fees. They ask their clients to pay a certain amount of money before they begin the project at hand. However, we do it differently. As stated earlier, we can offer refunds. In addition to this surprising reason, we also do not ask for up-front costs.
  • We value your time There are several tasks involved in property exchange that consume much time. This means that you will waste so much time if you do it yourself. You may also make mistakes that could cause financial penalties.

    We are the right team of conveyancing lawyers to help you save time. We will handle all the tasks on your behalf. We will not have you handle any of the tasks while you should be working on other important aspects of your business.

    We understand that you need to move into your property as soon as possible. That is why we work at a good speed to make sure the process completes in less than two months. We have already achieved a success rate of 95 per cent in our conveyancing services.
  • Reliable and affordableYou are probably looking for a firm that can be relied on. Besides, you are looking at your budget. We combine reliability and affordability to ensure all clients are served satisfactorily, even if their budgets are not the same. This is because our services are charged affordable fees.

    We have been featured in The Sunday Times because of our excellent services offered to different clients. We have served more than 1000 customers who can tell how satisfactory our services are. Thus, we are here to help you at an affordable fee. Note that we are also reliable, a fact that has led our firm to win multiple awards.
  • Confidentiality in communication Confidentiality in all client conversations is one of the aspects that we have secured. We have a great online system that takes care of all communication channels to make sure they are safe.

    We keep all our client documents safe. Any malware cannot attack them. All the emails are encrypted to ensure they are safe from hackers. Thus, when working with us, you should never be worried about the safety of your conversations and property documents.

We've won more awards in a year than most lawyers win in a lifetime.

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Conveyancing services in Orpington: FAQ

What are the 3 key steps involved in property conveyancing?

The conveyancing process involves three steps:

  • Making an offer and acceptance 
  • Parties exchanging contracts 
  • Completion 

How much should I pay for the conveyancing services?

Our conveyancing services are offered at flexible fees. There is also a flat fee. Just in case of any extra costs, you will be notified by our conveyancing lawyers. We will also reveal the main reason behind the additional costs. 

The conveyancing process involves some extra fees. These additional fees are referred to as disbursements. The disbursements are introduced to take care of registration and the searches. Note that the land registration and property searches fees are not included in the property price. Thus, it would be best if you always were prepared to pay for them independently. 

You should also be aware of how capital gains and stamp duty taxes will affect your transactions. You can always seek clarification from your conveyancing lawyer if you do not seem to comprehend any aspect of the property exchange. 

We understand that you may not be skilled at property transactions. That is why we are here to stand with you from day one until you sell or buy the property. Note that the charges will differ in accordance with the type of property you are buying. As stated earlier, properties are not worth equal amounts. This is one of the factors that drive rates up. Thus, you should expect to pay higher costs in the conveyancing process if you are purchasing a high-end property.

We offer impressive services that are affordable. You can request a quote from us using any of the contact means shared in the article. We will calculate it for you and deliver it to you as soon as we are done. Rest assured you can count on us to complete the process at affordable rates.

When do buyers and sellers agree to enter into a property transaction contract?

The seller and buyer agree to enter into a contract immediately they agree on a particular price of the property on sale. This stage allows any of them to opt-out without any legal repercussions. This is because the contract is not legally binding. 

The conveyancing lawyer can perform various property searches. The checks involved are; 

  • Local authority search performed by the conveyancing lawyer. 
  • Independent survey conducted by the buyer of the property. 
  • Review of the property details.
  • Make inquiries if need be. 

When do the buyer and the seller sign and exchange contracts?

Completion of the checks paves the way for the next stage. Now, the parties can sign and exchange contracts. 

Are there financial penalties for pulling out after the contract is signed?

At this stage, any parties should face legal repercussions if they pull out of the contract. This is because it is now official. Opting out can cause the imposition of financial penalties. 

When should the seller surrender property to the buyer?

The property title deed can now be transferred to the buyer in the HM Land Registry. The property can now be surrendered by the seller for the buyer to occupy it. 

What period should you expect the conveyancing process to take in Orpington?

We may not give the exact time taken by the whole conveyancing process. This is because the time might vary depending on various factors. 

What will happen if the property has underlying ownership challenges?

The time will be longer if there are hurdles on the way. If there are no hurdles, the process can take a shorter period. 

What are the key property checks performed in the conveyancing process?

The conveyancing lawyer should perform several searches on the property you want to buy. The main searches carried out are as follows; Water and drainage searches, Environmental searches, and  Local authority checks. 

The checks might be more than the listed with respect to the type of property involved in the transaction. 

How can you contact AVRillo conveyancers?

There are multiple ways to instruct us. You can get in touch via email, phone call, online chat or even fill in the online quote request form. 

We will always be prepared to listen to your needs and start the process right away. We have a great team of conveyancers that will take care of the initial stages of the process. The team will work closely with you to make sure that you are satisfied with our services. Your conveyancer will take over the rest of the legal issues and details after we have opened your file. 

What is the meaning of stamp duty?

Stamp duty is tax paid on property transactions. You are liable to this type of tax unless you are eligible for exemptions. 

You may not be aware of the amount of stamp duty expected from you. Do not worry because your conveyancing lawyer will calculate it for you. 

Who can be exempted from property taxes?

Generally, first-time home buyers have exemptions from stamp duty. They may not pay the full rates. However, you should seek details from your conveyancer. The conveyancer will give you a quote that shows the stamp duty required for the property transaction in Orpington. 

What are the rates of the property taxes?

The rates are quite different depending on the type of property involved. High-end properties that are highly-priced will attract huge rates and vice versa. 

How much should I pay for the stamp duty form?

Your conveyancing lawyer should complete the stamp duty form. Thus, we cannot declare the amount of money you should spend on this task. This is because it will entirely depend on the conveyancing lawyer you are working with. Each of the lawyers has their rates. 

Why should you let us fill in the tax form on your behalf?

You can check the fee in the conveyancer’s terms of service. Besides, you can ask them. Do not attempt to complete the forms yourself. The form has so many questions that you should not struggle with. With us, you can rest assured that the stamp duty form is fully filled and no mistakes. Note that mistakes in the stamp duty form can lead to penalties. 

Thus, it would help if you always allowed the conveyancing lawyer to fill it in for you. You will agree with the conveyancer on the amount you are expected to pay. 

Can the deposit be 5% when buying a property?

This is possible in many property transactions. Note that you can qualify for 95 percent mortgage financing. This means you will only need to pay a deposit of 5 per cent. 

However, the rates vary. You can expect to pay a deposit between 5% – 10 % of the property value. You can work with the conveyancing lawyer to help you with the deposit rates. 

When are you required to instruct your preferred conveyancer?

Thus, you should instruct the conveyancing lawyer immediately when you go on the market. This makes it easy for the lawyer to start the initial stages on time. Besides, it gives you the chance to complete the initial stages with ease. 

Working with AVRillo is the best thing you can ever do. This is because we can complete the process in less than 2 months. You should instruct us once you are ready to list your property for sale. It makes everything easy for us because we begin the process before you even receive offers. 

What is contained in the mortgage offer?

A mortgage offer is a document from a financier that has the loan offer’s terms and the amount you are eligible for. In this offer, you will learn more about the loan amount, the repayment period, repayment terms, and other crucial details concerning the offer. 

Your conveyancing lawyer can help you comprehend all the details contained in the offer. Thus, you should hold a brief meeting to help you understand everything you should. Note that the offer can expire if you do not agree to it. It is usually active for 3 to 6 months.