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AVRillo is an award-winning conveyancing company that offers the most reliable conveyancing services in the UK. We have built an excellent reputation in the national and local markets for many years, offering our customers reliable conveyancing services.

We give you a reason to count on our experienced and qualified team of lawyers when moving property in the UK. If you are looking for a conveyancer to help you buy land or a new home, we are the right people to give that call. Here is why you should opt for our conveyancing services in Old Bexley.
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  • Money-back guarantee Apart from giving you value for money, we also give you peace of mind when you seek our services. We give you up to 30 days free trial for our services. That means in case you are not satisfied with our services within this period, we will refund you the money, and you get to walk away with all the services we have offered you. AVRillo is always happy to serve you right and give you the best conveyancing services.
  • Trusted and accredited The Law Society in the UK has accredited and certified our services to be in line with the set industrial standards. Additionally, we are an award-winning company that tried and tested with other institutions like The Sunday Times. We have won over 60 awards which makes us one of the best conveyancers in the country.
  • We keep you in touchWhen you come knocking for our services, we give you a listening ear. We have a team of qualified customer care who will listen and attend to all your issues. You can contact our team of conveyancing lawyers when you visit our website or through direct phone calls.

    Also, you can talk to us through live chat. We promise to involve you throughout the conveyancing process to ensure all your needs are catered for before the completion day.
  • Utmost confidentiality When working with a conveyancer in Old Bexley, you want to ensure that the documents and information you share with them are in safe hands. At AVRillo, we keep our communications safe and all documents encrypted when interacting with clients. We have put in place the right measures to ensure your documents and personal information are secured. For instance, we have installed malware protection on our systems and encrypted email conversations to keep your details safe when contacting us.

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Conveyancing in Old Bexley: FAQs

How is the conveyancing process in Old Bexley?

The conveyancing process in the UK is not that long if you have the most qualified and experienced conveyancing lawyers to hold your hand. These are the five main stages involved when conveyancing in Old Bexley.

  • Step 1: The buyer makes an offer 
  • Step 2: The seller accepts the offer 
  • Step 3: Drafting of contracts 
  • Step4: Both buyer and seller agrees to sign the contract 
  • Step 5: Completion 

Once the buyer and the seller agree on a specific property price, they have to sign the contract. This contract is legally binding to both parties, and opting out can attract a financial penalty. As a property buyer, you should hire and work with your conveyancer to check and search the property before pending your sign on the contract. 

What checks should I conduct when buying property in Old Bexley?

When buying property in Old Bexley, the following are some of the checks and searches you should ask your conveyancer to conduct on the property:

  • Local authority checks – You will do this check to find out if there are any underlying issues on the property, such as planning, highway, pollution in your location.
  • Environmental searches – Your property lawyer does this search to find any issues with land contamination and possible flooding in the area.
  • Water and drainage search – This one is done to find out issues with water and drainage in the location you are buying the property.

What conveyancing services does AVRillo provide in Old Bexley?

When you reach out to AVRillo in Old Bexley, you get help with the following conveyancing services in the UK:

  • Remortgaging 
  • Transfer of equity
  • Buying and selling of land
  • Buy to let
  • Extension of lease
  • Advice when gifting property 
  • Buying joint tenants 
  • Commercial and business conveyancing 
  • Advice on Stamp Duty 

How long does the conveyancing process in Old Bexley take?

How long it takes to complete your conveyancing in the UK depends on a lot of factors such as:

  • Type of property you are buying – leasehold property takes longer to process than a freehold property.
  • How fast is your conveyancer – it takes a lot of time to process all the documents and draft a contract for property exchange. Your solicitor should be up to the task and speed up the process.

The UK average for conveyancing services is 5 months. Most solicitors will take between 12-16 weeks to exchange property in Old Bexley. At AVRillo, we promise to help you exchange property to completion in just two months. We have a success rate of up to 95%. This means you can count on us when looking for the most reliable conveyancer in the UK.

What is online conveyancing?

You can do conveyancing online. It works the same way as traditional conveyancing, but most documents and communication are done online. Conveyancing is a process that involves the solicitor establishing a relationship with the client, going through their conveyancing stages, and communicating with the seller.

Online conveyancing takes place through the phone, email, and live chats instead of traditional conveyancing that involves more physical meetings and face-to-face communications.

What should I expect when hiring a solicitor in Old Bexley?

When you reach out to a conveyancing solicitor in Old Bexley to help in exchange for property or remortgage, you can expect them to follow the legal process.  

A conveyancer will analyze the contract pack, perform all the searches and checks on the property, and communicate all the essential details about the property you are buying or selling. Your solicitors should also be able to discuss the possible completion date with you and, in some cases, set the date with the sellers’ solicitor.

Is online conveyancing safe?

Online conveyancing is safer than your local and traditional property solicitor. A local solicitor may not have the suitable cyber security measures in place, making them targets for cybercrime.  

Yes, it is safe to go for online conveyancing services. However, you want to ensure the solicitor has the right measures in place to ensure you are safe online.

Should I opt for a conveyancer or a solicitor?

Choosing between a solicitor and a conveyancer depends on how fast you want your conveyancing to go through. A conveyancer saves you time and money because they are fast. They have specialized in transferring legal ownership of property, which means they are the best you can go for. If you want to save money, you should not hesitate to opt for conveyancing services in Old Bexley.

Does it matter where my conveyancer is based?

If you want to exchange property in your local area, Old Bexley, you should reach out to a conveyancer specializing in your location. Your estate agent will likely recommend a conveyancer you can deal with. 

Don’t forget to ask your conveyancer how much money they are receiving as a referral fee. You want to ensure the local conveyancer will not cost more than what other solicitors are charging.

How long does it take when doing searches?

On average, it takes between 2 days and ten weeks to complete a search in the UK. The target the government has set for returning local searches is a maximum of ten working days. 

You want to confirm with your conveyancer if they have the experience to speed up searches and checks. Find out the solicitor’s success rate and average completion time before hiring them for the conveyancing job.

How long does it take to complete after signing the contract?

It takes between 7 and 28 days to complete after signing a contract. The completion date is usually decided by the buyer and the seller of the property. Once the exchange of contracts is done, your conveyancer will communicate the date of completion.

How do you instruct your conveyancing solicitor in Old Bexley?

You can easily get in touch with one of our solicitors in Old Bexley by visiting our website or giving us a call. We have a friendly customer care team that is always ready to listen and give directions accordingly.

Our team of solicitors will run through the initial stages of your conveyancing and advise you accordingly. Give our customer care a call and get an online quote for our services now. 

What is a Stamp Duty?

A Stamp Duty is a tax that the government levies on instruments such as land, building, marriage license, and other properties. You have to pay Stamp Duty tax when buying property for the first time in Old Bexley. How much you pay as a stamp duty tax will depend on the type of property you buy and how much is the cost.

You want to confirm with your conveyancer the stamp duty tax you should pay if you buy property in Old Bexley for the first time. Your online conveyancer should be able to calculate and provide an estimated stamp duty tax on your behalf. In most cases, the solicitor will send you this estimate together with the quotation.

Is it appropriate to fill a Stamp Duty tax form alone?

Yes, you can fill the stamp duty tax form on your own if you’ve done this before. In most cases, a stamp duty tax has over 70 questions that you should answer correctly to avoid financial penalties. 

It means you should hire a conveyancer to help you fill this form if you are buying or selling property in Old Bexley for the first time. A conveyancer has all skills and qualifications to fill out the stamp duty tax form and help you save time. Additionally, your conveyancer will be responsible for any penalties if they incorrectly fill out the stamp duty form.

What is a leasehold property?

A leasehold is a type of ownership where the individual has temporary ownership of the property. Freehold is where an individual has full ownership of the property. A freeholder can sell or lease their property.

Can I sell my leasehold property in Old Bexley?

Yes, it is possible to sell a leasehold property in Old Bexley. All you have to do is ensure you get the right conveyancer to help you follow the legal process when selling the property. There are many documents required when selling a leasehold property that takes a lot of time to process. You should instruct your conveyancer on time if you plan to sell your leasehold property. This way, you will save time conveyancing the property.

What is the deposit when buying property in Old Bexley?

When buying property in Old Bexley, you need to pay a 10% deposit. That means before the completion documents are processed or the seller agrees to sign the contract, you have to pay the deposit. In some cases, you can agree with the seller’s lawyer if you cannot pay the full deposit of 10%.

How can I tell if my conveyancer has the expertise for the job?

When hiring a conveyancer to help you buy or sell property in Old Bexley, you should determine their level of experience in the industry. You want to know how many deals they have handled and take time going through their customer reviews and testimonials. 

AVRillo has been in the industry for over a decade now and has served over 40,000 clients. They have a success rate of up to 95%, making them one of the best solicitors you can reach out to when exchanging property in the UK.