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We realize how stressful buying, selling, or remortgaging your home can be in Leicester. It requires you to focus on every minute detail of the process and strictly follow the UK law to avoid undesirable consequences. For example, you may attract a penalty through an incorrectly filled completion form.
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Hence, if you are planning to move to Leicester, make sure you have the support of an experienced and expert conveyancing solicitor in the UK. We have one of the finest conveyancing solicitors in Leicester, England who will ensure that you complete the process quickly, correctly, and without any hassle.

Our team of conveyancing solicitors has years of experience in making the process of property transactions super easy, affordable, safe, and secure. AVRillo is providing reliable and professional conveyancing services in Leicester.

Residential Conveyancing Solicitors in Leicester

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    Free trial and guaranteed refund for conveyancing services in LeicesterOur operation standards also include a strict quality assurance procedure to ensure that we deliver an excellent conveyancing service to you in Leicester.

    You can use our 30 days trial service and decide to continue further only after 100% satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied, you will get your entire refund. It means you will not be charged at all for the conveyancing services you used during the trial period and keep the work we did for you for free.
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    Our conveyancing property solicitors are well versed with the national as well as Leicester property market AVRillo conveyancing solicitors in Leicester have a wealth of combined experience in the national property market to advise on a wide range of conveyancing matters.

    Our team of expert conveyancing solicitors has years of working experience in Leicester. Therefore, they are well versed with all the details of the local property market and can offer convenient, efficient, and friendly conveyancing services to clients in Leicester.
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    AVRillo conveyancing solicitors in Leicester charge no advance paymentWe do not charge any advance payment to our clients before starting the conveyancing services. Let’s make it crystal clear that when you access our conveyancing services in Leicester, you don’t have to pay anything in advance.

    Once you approach us for our conveyancing services and decide to proceed, we don’t keep you waiting to pay the bills first. We take over all the transactions and begin to work immediately.
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    Faster timescale for providing conveyancing services in LeicesterWe have designed our conveyancing services for our clients in Leicester in a way that makes the process as straightforward as possible. It means you can accomplish your transaction with minimal fuss and in less time.

    You do not have to go through any risky or cumbersome task, whether it is reading contracts or understanding the paperwork. The conveyancing solicitors at AVRillo guide you throughout your transaction journey from start to finish and assure the process is completed within two months of time.

    The time frame is far less than the UK average of five months. Moreover, our success rate in dealing is 95%, whereas the UK average is 63%.
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    Cheaper and trustworthy conveyancing services in LeicesterBuying property or moving to Leicester may seem to be a costly deal, but not with us. We offer our clients extremely competitive fees for providing the professional conveyancing services. Each penny spent on our services is worth its price.

    We have a track record of success and service delivery to prove why the money you spend over us is worthy.

    AVRillo is the winner of several awards in the conveyancing services industry, which means your case is in the hands of the best experts. We have earned more than 1000 fully satisfied clients so far. If you choose us, you will be working with the best, not just in Leicester but across the UK.
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    Fully secured systems with AVRillo - the leading conveyancing services provider in LeicesterWe believe that each and every information shared by our clients with our team members is confidential. Therefore, we take the security of the shared data very seriously.

    We use a fully secured online system as a mode of communication to protect all your sensitive information. It offers malware protection and encrypts all emails and direct conversations with clients.

    No matter where you are located, whether in Leicester, you can communicate with our team without fear of data breaches or information leaks.

Best Conveyancing Solicitors For Buying and Selling Properties in Leicester

Leicester City is one of the oldest cities in England. It has a rich history that dates back to over two millennia. This city is close to the eastern end of the National Forest and the River Soar. It is found on the northeast side of Birmingham and Coventry. As of 2016, the population of Leicester was 343,300. This makes it one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. The city is a transport hub having two major railway lines passing through the Midland Main Line and the east and west Birmingham to the London Stansted Cross Country. This city is home to Leicester City football club and the famous rugby club Leicester Tigers. The average property price in Leicester is about 208,892. Some of the major tourist attractions in this city are the Jewry Wall Museum, Abbey Pumping Station, and the Belgrave Hall. Leicester is such a wonderful city to own property in, and with the right conveyancing solicitors, you can invest in any property in this city.
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Conveyancing in Leicester: FAQs

What Proof of ID would I require?

You would need proof of identity and address.

For identity proof, you would need anyone from the following:

  • A valid passport
  • A valid driving license

For address proof, you would need anyone from the following from the past three months:

  • A utility bills 
  • A council tax bills 
  • A bank statements 

In case you are not a resident of the UK, we will ask for two forms of proof of address and one proof of identity, certified by a Notary Public bearing the notarised seal.

After receiving your identification, our solicitor will obtain electronic verification using the ID documents provided. If we couldn’t obtain a satisfactory result, we will contact you for other proof.

Why should I get a conveyancing lawyer regulated by the CLC?

The CLC (Commercial Law Chamber) lawyer is subject to robust regulation and is well-versed with the UK laws. These lawyers ensure your best interests are served and they protect you if something goes wrong.

The Code of Conduct of CLC has guidelines based on six principles on how Licensed Conveyancers should work and behave. These principles provide you the rights when you hire a Licensed Conveyancer. Under these rights, your conveyancer is supposed to treat you fairly, talk clearly about the costs of the legal work. You also get the right to complain if something goes wrong.

What is the first stage of the conveyancing process?

First of all, your solicitor will cross-check the identity proofs you provided. After verification, the solicitor will do searches, draft the contract, and examine supporting documents, and then raise inquiries with the seller’s solicitor. You would need to go through the forms the seller has completed and inform the solicitor if you have any questions or doubts.

Are all property searches decided by the solicitor?

Some searches are recommended by the solicitor for all purchases. Other searches are asked by the mortgage lender to protect them from any liabilities that the property may have. But all searches will be carried out by your solicitor. 

What is a 'Chain property' in conveyancing?

The term chain is used if you are awaiting money from the sale of your house before you can buy another. There is a possibility of you being in a longer chain if you are buying a house from a seller who is buying their next house from people who are in turn planning to buy a property. It means you are at the ‘bottom’ of the chain; the seller is the ‘second’ in the chain, and the last seller is at the ‘top’ of the chain. If anyone in the chain falls through, the chain collapses. The replacement is found immediately by others in the chain or else it leads to the cancellation of the process.

What is ‘chain-free’ or ‘no-chain’?

Chain-free or no chain is a situation when no one in the chain is dependent on another person buying or selling their property.

You will be called a chain-free buyer if:

  • You are buying for the first time.
  • You have already sold your property and received the funds to buy a new fixed asset.
  • You don’t need to sell a property in order to finance the purchase of a new fixed asset.

You will be called a chain-free seller if:

  • You don’t need to buy another property as your new accommodation after you sell your current property. It could be because you are selling property that was either rented out, inherited from a relative, or you are moving into rented accommodation.

What if my property transaction case is too complex? Will the conveyancing firm be able to handle it?

We have one of the highest success rates of a property transaction in the UK. It means, our solicitors with years of experience in this domain have also handled complex cases and accomplished the transaction successfully without any hassles. 

Who pays conveyancing costs?

Whether you are a seller or buyer, you have to pay the conveyancer whom you hire. For example, you will need to hire a conveyancing solicitor to do the legal legwork for you when selling your home. The task will also include drafting the sale contract and negotiating the terms with the buyer. 

Then the solicitors of each party will agree on a completion date and oversee the exchange of contracts. For all their effort and services, you have to pay conveyancing costs to your solicitor. 

Similarly, if you are purchasing a home you have to pay the solicitor for various types of legal tasks. Your solicitor will negotiate the terms with the sellers, request different types of searches, exchange contracts, transfer the funds, and at last register you as the new owner of the property with the Land Registry. This is why you would need to pay conveyancing fees to your solicitor as the charge for these services.

Are searches taking too long?

Usually, searches do not take much time. A couple of days is enough as most of the searches are done by the conveyancer. The Local Authority Search, the most important one, takes around two weeks because it requires the help of the local authorities. The search duration can be even more if the local authority has a backlog. You can contact our conveyancing solicitors in Leicester for expert legal help.

What is ‘joint tenancy’?

Joint tenancy is the situation when two or more people are the owner of the same property together. The owners of such property are called joint tenants where each has equal rights and responsibilities.

When purchasing property, joint tenancy offers equal rights and responsibilities to all parties for the purchased real estate.

Joint tenants receive an equal number of rights in the property, but there are some limitations on how they can use their shares. It also involves the most critical condition of ownership, which is the right of survivorship.

What are the types of ownership in joint tenancy?

There are two types of ownership in joint tenancy:

  • Joint tenant
  • Tenants in common

You have to decide the type of ownership you want when you are buying, inheriting or becoming a trustee of a property with someone else. You need to tell HM Land Registry about the choice of your ownership at the tie of property registry.

The type of ownership you choose will affect your rights over your property or what you can do with the property if you had a broken relationship with a joint owner, or if one of the owners dies.

Is there any difference between ‘joint tenants’ and ‘tenants in common’?

Yes, they are different in many ways.

Joint tenants are also sometimes called ‘beneficial joint tenants’. Under this ownership, you have the following rights:

  • Equal rights to the entire property.
  • The property automatically gets transferred to the other owners if you die.
  • You are not allowed to pass on your ownership of the property in your will.

Tenants in common provide the following rights over your property:

  • Own individual shares of the property
  • The property doesn’t automatically get transferred to the other owners if you die.

You are allowed to pass on your share of the property in your will.

When will I have to pay the deposit?

We don’t ask you to pay the deposit during the first stages until you have verified the property. You need to be sure that the property in question is fair, in good condition, and you are interested in purchasing it.

After that, you can sign the contract confirming to agree with all the seller’s terms then you can send us the deposit. We will also ensure from our end that we can now exchange contracts. It is a crucial stage where you need to be cautious before contract exchange and not leave out any question as after signing the contract, both seller and buyer become legally binding.

Always take the assistance of our conveyancing solicitors in Leicester to manage your property deals.