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Are you thinking about moving to Heywood? Well, one of the most important things you'll have to consider is housing. You may have to rent a house or, better yet, buy a house in Heywood you can call home.

Unlike buying a car or any other product, buying or selling a home is a daunting task. It requires lots of planning and research on your part so that you don't end up losing money at the last minute. If you are planning on moving out of your current residence, it's time for you to start looking around for properties that will suit your needs.

It doesn't matter if you're relocating because you got married or want to move closer to work. There are so many reasons why you might want to relocate to Heywood. This is where the AVRillo conveyancing law firm comes in.

We provide professional legal services to our clients who need help with their property transactions. Our team consists of highly qualified lawyers who specialise in real estate law. We understand how complicated these processes can be, and we know what questions you should ask yourself before making such an important decision as purchasing a new place to live.

Residential Conveyancing Services in Heywood, Greater Manchester - We Ensure Comfort in Property Transactions

Buying or selling real estate property in Heywood is an uphill task. However, we make this process easier by providing all the necessary information regarding the market conditions and help you win the best deal possible.

Here are reasons why you should choose AVRillo conveyancing services in Heywood, Greater Manchester:
  • We Offer Free Initial ConsultationsIn real estate law, initial consultation means meeting face to face with the lawyer representing both parties involved in the transaction. It gives us the chance to get acquainted with each other and discuss your case thoroughly.

    When you buy or sell property, it pays to ask questions. The more knowledge you gain about the legal system, the better prepared you'll be when making decisions regarding your future home.

    During this conversation, we try to determine whether we can represent you effectively and efficiently. In some cases, it might take several meetings until we come to terms. Regardless, we at AVRillo always strive to give our customers the highest level of service available.
  • We Charge Reasonable FeesReasonable rates in conveyancing are the cornerstone when it comes to choosing a conveyancing firm. At AVRillo, we charge our clients a fair and affordable price. We believe that every client deserves value for their hard-earned money.

    Our rates are very affordable compared to those charged by other firms. We also believe that setting more does not necessarily mean getting higher quality results. Instead, our prices reflect that we only employ experienced professionals who dedicate themselves entirely to serving our clients.
  • We Keep You Updated Throughout the Entire ProcessCommunication between a lawyer and client is vital in any real estate deal. You have to trust your lawyer entirely and feel comfortable enough to share everything about your situation.

    At AVRillo, you won't have to worry about anything when dealing with us. We'll do everything to ensure you stay informed during the whole process. You'll receive regular updates from us via email and phone calls. These communications include details about the progress of your case, any changes made to the contract, and even reminders about upcoming deadlines.
  • We Handle All Aspects of the Sale and PurchaseBuying and selling a house is a tedious process. There's so much paperwork to fill out, notary stamps to affix, and forms to file. That's where we step in. As soon as you contact us, you will no longer have to worry about filling out endless documents. Just sit back and relax while we work on your behalf. Generally, you no longer have to bother about finding someone else to assist you with the paperwork. We'll handle everything from beginning to end.
  • We Use State of the Art TechnologyTechnology plays an integral role in conveyancing today. With the help of modern software programs, lawyers can easily manage large amounts of data. This allows them to provide their clients with accurate reports and statistics.

    We're proud to say that we've been using cutting-edge technologies since day one. Our team has access to sophisticated tools to create customised spreadsheets and charts which allow us to present detailed information to our clients.
  • We Keep Costs DownIt doesn't matter if you're looking to buy or sell a small apartment or a mansion; there are always hidden fees involved. Our goal is to save you time and money by keeping expenses low. When it comes to legal services, our prices are unbeatable. There's never a fee charged upfront. Instead, we charge only after the transaction is completed.
  • We Know What WorksWhen it comes to buying or selling property, nothing beats experience. At AVRillo, we have over 20 years' worth of combined knowledge. So, rest assured, knowing that we know what needs to be done. If there's any problem whatsoever, we'll fix it immediately. No questions asked.
  • You Own 100% of Your HomeAs mentioned earlier, when it comes to purchasing property, experience matters. And when it comes to buying a house, one thing you want is certainty. Buying a home means handing over all of your hard-earned cash to another person. To ensure that you receive your total share of the deal, ensure that your lawyer owns up to his responsibilities. At AVRillo,100% ownership is guaranteed.
  • Your Privacy Is Safe with UsTo protect your details, you must hire someone who understands confidentiality laws. Fortunately, this is precisely what we do. All sensitive information about your family members will remain private.

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Conveyancing in Heywood, Greater Manchester: FAQs

What Does Conveyancing Mean?

In simple terms, conveyancing means transferring ownership of land between two parties. In other words, it involves signing contracts and handing over deeds. While it may seem simple, conveyancing is a tedious process. You must ensure that all documents are signed correctly and delivered on time. Otherwise, your deal will fall apart. That’s why you need professionals like AVRillo Conveyancers who specialise in conveyancing.

How Long Does It Usually Take?

This depends entirely upon the complexity of the deal. Generally speaking, a typical residential sale takes around three weeks. However, if you want to speed up the process, you should consider hiring a lawyer specialising in conveyancing. We at AVRillo Conveyancer offer fast turnaround times so that you won’t miss out on any crucial deadlines.

How Long Do I Have to Wait until My House Sells?

This depends entirely upon the market conditions. Generally speaking, if you want to sell quickly, you should consider putting up signs around your home. However, this isn’t recommended when dealing with houses located near schools or hospitals. These properties tend to attract many potential buyers.


You don’t have to worry about us taking too much of your valuable time. Our team has been doing this job since 1997. That’s almost two decades of experience. Therefore, with our expertise in the local market, you can expect to get top dollar for your property within no time.

What Are Office Copy Entries?

The term ‘Office Copy Entries’ also known as the official copy of the register of the title refers to land registry registers that show owners of a property, its extent, restrictions, mortgages, and legal rights on the property. When buying property the three registers which are charges, property, and proprietorship registers must be updated by the seller’s Conveyancer. 

Having the right conveyancer means that you need not worry about incorrect or fraudulent office copy registers.

What Does Subject to Contract Mean?

Subject to contract refers to a situation where if the contracts have not been exchanged between the buyer’s and seller’s conveyancers, either the buyer or seller of the property can willingly withdraw from the initial agreement and not face any legal implications.

We will always keep you up to date on the current status of the process and notify you immediately in case of any changes.

What if something happens after I sign the contract?

If there is some problem with the transaction, then you’re entitled to cancel it. Call us immediately and tell us what happened. Then we’ll put things right. 

Why should I go through AVRillo conveyancers?

Because we’re experts in conveying properties, and if there ever comes the point where things don’t turn out as planned, our conveyancing solicitors will be able to sort it out.

We have been in operation for quite some time, and our team members are highly qualified. That means that you can rest assured knowing that we’ve got your back. You won’t regret choosing us because we always strive to give our clients value for their money.

Does AVRillo service guarantee a reasonable price?

Absolutely yes! As mentioned above, all transactions start with free valuations. Once we agree on terms, we’ll carry out a survey which will include a detailed report outlining any issues relating to your property. This way, we ensure that we obtain the best possible offer from prospective purchasers.

Can I use online platforms to sell my house?

Yes, of course, you can. There are plenty of websites available that allow people to list their homes in exchange for a fee. Such sites may also provide marketing services. All you need to do is upload photos of your property onto the area and details like its size, location, etc.

We recommend using reputable companies that charge reasonable fees. After uploading photographs, the next thing you need to do is wait for interested parties to contact you. You can always rely on us for advice when selling your home. We can even arrange viewing appointments so that potential buyers get the chance to see your home first hand before making up their minds.

Can I use online platforms to find properties?

Yes, absolutely! While searching for houses or flats on the internet, it pays to be selective about whom you talk to. Some sellers are not genuine; they want to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. 

But at AVRillo conveyancers, we only deal with licensed agents. They pay upfront fees and receive commissions whenever an offer is accepted. However, to protect yourself against fraudsters, always read reviews posted online. Only choose real estate agencies recommended by other homeowners.

Are all conveyancer firms regulated?

The answer is no. Most professional organisations require solicitors operating within their jurisdiction to register. In England, this includes lawyers, accountants, and chartered surveyors. To become a member of such bodies, you must pass exams set by them.

If you’d prefer, there are alternative schemes run directly by the government. These are called self-regulation, and they operate independently. For example, the General Dental Council regulates dentists while the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys regulates patent attorneys.

How long does it usually take to complete a conveyancing process?

It varies according to what type of transaction needs to occur. The most common types are purchases and sales. Typically, investments involve buying a new home, while sales refer to transfers between two existing owners. If both sides are ready to settle then, everything should happen very quickly. On the contrary, waiting times could increase significantly if one party has more than one issue to resolve.