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Looking for the best conveyancing solicitor in Coventry who can handle all your property transactions with ease? Look no further than AVRillo. Property conveyancing service transactions in Coventry can be full of hassles and time taking if even a single minor legal detail is missed out. AVRillo has a panel of specialist conveyancing solicitors in Coventry who can ensure your conveyancing transaction in Coventry progresses seamlessly from instruction to completion. Our conveyancing lawyers in Coventry have expertise in a range of conveyancing services, including buying and selling homes and land, remortgaging, lease extension, stamp duty advice, etc. All our conveyancing solicitors are recognised by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) with CQS accreditation.
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    Free of cost consultation and money-return policy if your are not 100% satisfied with the conveyancing services provided When most of our competitors are charging for consultation, we offer it at no cost. It means we do not charge you at all to discuss your case and explain our conveyancing services for as long as 30 days! We understand you need more time to judge whether we are the right one to take up your case. If you had a satisfying experience with us within the given time span, you can continue with us. In case you are not impressed by our conveyancing services provided, we will refund your money. Moreover, any service delivered during the inquiry period will be free. You don’t encounter any risk since you will not make any payment.
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    In-depth understanding of the conveyancing solicitors Coventry marketOur panel of conveyancing solicitors is well-versed with the Coventry as well as entire UK’s real estate market. Therefore, when you seek our conveyancing services in Coventry, we allot you the solicitor specialized in property transfer cases in that particular area. Our licensed conveyancing solicitors have successfully processed several property-transfer cases in Coventry. AVRillo has won several awards in seamlessly handling clients’ conveyancing services needs.
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    No payment in advance with AVRillo for the conveyancing services in CoventryWe don’t burden our customers with hefty fees right at the beginning of the transfer so that they get enough time to be comfortable in the process first. When you approach us to hire our conveyancing services, we pick up your case from that moment only, without asking you to pay anything.
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    Speedy transfer with least hasslesAt AVRillo, conveyancing solicitors are highly experienced in processing every kind of property transfer case. Therefore, when you seek our conveyancing services, you get your job done faster and with less fuss. Typically, we accomplish a normal transaction within two months, which is faster than the average time taken to purchase a property for the first time. We keep you free from any legal jargon to let you focus on other aspects of the process. Our team looks after every complicated step and difficult to understand legalities in the process, be it drafting a contract, reviewing the contract, or calculating stamp duty tax. This way we ensure you don’t get trapped by any fraud or get into trouble for paying penalties. AVRillo’s team is the leader in handling these cases and therefore possesses a higher success rate than most of our competitors.
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    Fair price and trustworthy conveyancing services provider in CoventryOur pricing is transparent, as we provide the entire fee structure to let you know where all your money is being spent. This is because AVRillo aims at making your move to Coventry affordable and a pleasing experience. We have an excellent track record of successful transactions in Coventry. In recent years, AVRillo has been recognised for its brilliant conveyancing services and awarded by many institutions. We were appreciated by thousands of our clients through their testimonials and good reviews, making AVRillo the most recommended conveyancer service provider in Coventry.
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    Confidential data protection with AVRillo in CoventryAVRillo takes the safety and security of ownership documents very seriously. Keeping your documents and information safe has been our top priority for all these years. Therefore, we update our system to protect your documents from malware and other possible online threats. Additionally, there is an IT team as a standby to handle any undesirable access. Also, when you have a conversation with our solicitor, directly or over the phone, we ensure every single detail remains between you two only.

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Coventry is one popular town in the UK. It is home to the largest spire in England, St. Michael's Cathedral. This place was bombed in the Second World War and is still the major tourist attraction in the city. When you come to Coventry, other places you can visit include museums like the Herbert Art Gallery and Coventry Transport Museum. This city is just located some miles away from the Lunt Fort, reconstructing an ancient Roman military outpost. As of the 2011 census, this city had a population of 316,915. This population makes Coventry one of the largest in the UK. It is the second-largest in the West Midlands and is separated by Meriden Gap. The average property price in Coventry is £404,205. Coventry has undergone improvements. Today, this city attracts many investors and many home buyers. It means owning property in this city is one great investment you can make. We handle all forms of property sale, purchase, and transfer in Coventry, Central England. Our property lawyers in Coventry are specialists in buying and selling homes or remortgaging. Need immediate help? Call our top conveyancing solicitors in Coventry on tel:0208 370 3877
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Conveyancing in Coventry: FAQs

How much will conveyancing services cost?

The post of your conveyancing services will differ based on the value of your property and the type of your transaction. However, the conveying cost will include the following charges:

  • Fees of solicitors
  • Fee of surveyors
  • Fee of lenders
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax in England or Land Transaction Tax in Wales
  • Fee for local authority searches
  • Fee for electronic bank transfer
  • Fee for land registry
  • Management pack for leasehold properties
  • Cost of estate agent
  • Cost of removal
  • VAT cost

How is a freehold property different from a leasehold property?

Freehold property is the one that gives you complete ownership of the building and the land on which the building is constructed. A leasehold property is owned under a lease agreement. A lease is an agreement where you rent land and property for an agreed period. 

The ownership in this type of agreement is temporary, and later on, after the lease expires, you transfer ownership back to the permanent owner. You may negotiate on a new contract and extend it or vacate the premises after a lease period expires.

Is it mandatory to have conveyancing searches?

It is not mandatory to have searches, but in many cases you will need it. For example, if you are purchasing with a mortgage, your mortgage company will insist you to have searches. In case you do not agree, they will refuse to lend you the money. Even if you are buying the property without a mortgage, searches will help you ensure that you are buying the right property without any dispute and at the right price.  

Why should I hire a conveyancer for a property transaction?

You would need a licensed conveyancer, especially if you are buying with a mortgage. Your mortgage company will insist you to have a conveyancer lawyer to carry out the process. If you are using your own money to buy the property, you would need assistance in handling the legalities involved. 

It is difficult for an individual to carry out the process since any minor mistake can lead to huge monetary loss. For example, in the completion form, there are more than seventy questions, and each one has to be answered carefully or else you can attract a penalty.

Other than that, the Land Registry may also refuse to accept information from you without verification.

Why do conveyancers ask for my identification documents?

Conveyancers along with banks, building societies, and mortgage brokers do identification checks. It is also called ‘Know Your Client’ checks done by these institutions before buying and/or selling their client’s property. The process is also necessary to meet Money Laundering Regulations.

Conveyancers collect satisfactory evidence to verify the true identity of any individual who approaches them to buy/sell their property. 

You might be asked to provide the following identification documents. If any other documents are required, you will be informed in advance:

  • An active passport and/or photo driving license
  • Address proof or utility bills

Do conveyancing charges have any hidden costs?

We are transparent in our pricing. Our range of conveyancing services is available at a flexible price. Our quote for conveyancing is fixed, which clearly mentions the structure of the pricing. Hence, there are no surprises waiting for you anywhere between the process. 

Our quote for normal conveyancing transaction comprised of:

  • Our conveyancing services fee
  • Disbursements and other additional costs, such as Land Registry Fee / Land Registry Searches / Stamp Duty Land Tax Form / Electronic Money Transfer Fee
  • Stamp Duty while purchasing a property

If there is any unexpected increase in our fee due to unforeseen circumstances, solicitors will engage with you to explain why you need to pay additional charges. 

What do we need to know about fixtures and fittings?

If you are planning to own the fittings and fixtures in the property you want to buy, it is essential that you work on it during the transaction. If this list is not firmed up until the completion stage, you will get engaged in post-offer negotiations, resulting in potential delays.

To prevent any confusion, both the parties, buyer and seller must agree upon an approximate list before making the final offer. The seller’s solicitor will include the list in the formal conveyancing form called the fixtures and fittings form (FFF). It will confirm the details of what will be sold with the property, which consequently becomes part of the contract of sale.

What is a title deed?

According to HMLR Land Registry, a title deed is a property document that mentions the benefits and rights that affect the property.

When will I be sure that the property in Coventry is mine?

The completion day – the day when the remaining amount of the property purchased in Coventry is handed over to the seller. Upon receiving the amount, the seller leaves the property and the buyer gets complete possession of the bought asset. The buyer usually collects the keys of the new property from the estate agents. The date of completion is decided on the day of contract exchange.

How is the exchange of contracts different from completion?

In the exchange of contract, the buyer and the seller become legally bound to complete the deal. None of the parties can pull out of the transaction upon completing this stage. The lawyer of the buyer confirms the amount deposited on the contract exchange, which is usually 10% of the purchase price.

During the exchange of contracts, the date for “completion” is also confirmed. On this day the buyer hands over all the remaining money to purchase the property through their lawyer. Thereafter, the seller vacates the property and the buyer gets the keys, full possession of the property, and can move in.

How would I know how much Stamp Duty Tax I need to pay?

You have to calculate it as per the SDLT rate. But, Stamp Duty calculation involves a couple of variables that determine how much you need to pay when buying a property. The latest UK regulations says that every buyer has to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) if the property purchased has the current SDLT threshold of £125,000. This calculation is usually done by a conveyancer.

Following is the list of Stamp Duty charges for the property of different valuation:

Property or lease premium or transfer value                        SDLT rate

Up to £125,000                                                                                Zero
£125,001 to £250,000                                                                    2%
£250,001 to £925,000                                                                    5%
£925,001 to £1.5 million                                                                10%
Above £1.5 million                                                                          12%

You can calculate the amount of Stamp Duty you have to pay using this link:

What are searches in Conveyancing?

Our conveyancing service in Coventry includes property checks to find out more about the property you are buying. It helps find any potential issues involved with the property that might impact its valuation.

Some of the common searches include:

  • Search for the local authority, such as coal mining searches or tin mining searches, surrounding areas for pollution, planning, highway, etc.
  • Search for environmental issues, such as land contamination and flooding.
  • Search for flaws in water and drainage system, such as drainage access to the property

Besides, there can be many other types of local searches that are not listed here that are carried out according to the location and type of the property.

When will I need to pay any money?

If you are a buyer, your conveyancer will ask you for some funds at the initial stage of the transaction as search fees, to be paid out on your behalf. Other than that, you would not need to pay until the completion stage when you will be paying the balance of the purchase price and your legal expenses. If you are borrowing more than 90% of the purchase price, you will have to pay the legal expenses and before the exchange of contracts.