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Buying, selling, or remortgaging your home in Chester is a stressful business. The amount of paperwork and legal formalities in the process is overwhelming. There are several crucial details that need careful attention. Missing any point will put you in a bad deal or delay the process. Our expert conveyancers are award winners in helping individuals, couples, and families moving to Chester and its environs with their tailored services. AVRillo is a company that holds years of experience in the legal industry and therefore they are capable of making the process easy, affordable, safe, and secure.
  • 30 days free consultation and money back guaranteeWe strive to deliver you the highest quality conveyancing services in the UK. Hence, we have come up with the best warranty policies for our services. You can consult with us about our services and your case free of cost for 30 days. After you have had a satisfying experience, you can continue with us or if you are not impressed by our services, we will refund your money. Moreover, any service delivered during the inquiry period will be free. You don’t encounter any risk since you will not make any payment.
  • Highly knowledgeable about the UK property market When you approach us to hire our services, we allot a conveyancing expert who is familiar with the local property market in Chester. Our solicitors have years of experience in processing property transfer cases in Chester. AVRillo has an award-winning team to take care of your conveyancing needs.
  • No up-front costTypically, conveyancing service providers ask for an up-front cost. With us at AVRillo, you don’t have to pay an advance payment. This policy is to ensure your comfort with us as our customers. We pick up your transaction on the property purchase in Chester and start working right after you contact us for our services.
  • Quicker processing and less fussOur conveyancing services are designed to make the process as straightforward as possible for our clients in Chester. We focus to minimize legal jargon to the least so that you can accomplish your transaction with minimal fuss and in minimum time. We finish a normal transaction within two months, which is faster than the average time taken to purchase a property for the first time. We do not put you at any risky or cumbersome task, especially reviewing the contract that needs one to be highly cautious about as not everyone is honest. If by any means a single point is missed out, you may attract the risk of getting defrauded. Hence, we suggest you get the best conveyancing services as we have a higher success rate than most of our competitors.
  • Reasonably priced and reliableMoving to Chester can be very expensive for individuals, couples, or families. At AVRillo, we make sure that your property transaction is affordable and our service cost is worth its price. Our fee structure is fully transparent, so you know exactly where all your money is spent over. We have a brilliant track record of successful transactions in Chester. In a couple of years, AVRillo has been acknowledged for its excellent services and awarded by many institutions. Thousands of our clients have written testimonials and good reviews to share their experience with us, making our services highly recommended in Chester.
  • Complete security of confidential data We realize your concern when your ownership documents are with us. But we want to mention here that for several years we have been handling these documents safely and securely. At AVRillo, we take all the safety measures using an updated system to keep the documents and other information protected from any malware. Plus, we have our information technology team as a backup in case of any attempt of a breach. Besides, any information shared through direct conversation with our team will be kept private.

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Conveyancing in Chester: FAQs

What is the role of a conveyancer while buying and selling a property?

The role of a conveyancer while buying a property will be as follows:

  • Confirming your identity and checking a mortgage offer, in case you are buying with a mortgage.
  • Performing searches to gather information on the property and the surrounding area.
  • Fixing a completion date.
  • Exchanging contracts with the seller’s solicitor.
  • Transferring the remaining purchase amount on completion day and collecting the keys of the property purchased.

The role of a conveyancer changes as follows if you sell your property:

  • Drafting the sale contract and informing the buyer about the terms included in the sale.
  • Ensuring that funds are in place after discussing with the buyer’s conveyancing solicitor.
  • Fixing a completion date. 
  • Fixing date for the exchange of contracts.
  • Transfer funds to clear any outstanding mortgage after the sale is accomplished.

Is getting a survey necessary?

The survey is not necessary but highly recommended. Often properties look well maintained but have hidden repairs underneath. If you overlook such issues and do not dig out enough information before signing the contract, you may invite a huge loss. 

In case you are buying the property with a mortgage company, their facilitators will carry out a survey to check the condition of the property or structure and also carry out a valuation. 

However, their job is limited to helping the lender only. Hence, it is advisable to not rely on their valuation report alone. Rather, carry out your survey to do a detailed inspection, which will provide the right information about the condition of the property.

Is there a difference between the exchange of contracts and completion?

Yes. Exchange of contracts occurs when both the buyer and seller sign a contract agreeing upon specified terms in the contract and a specific date to pay the remaining purchase amount. On the other hand, completion occurs when all payments have been made and the property has been transferred to the new buyer.

What are conveyancing deeds?

Conveyancing deeds are the papers that show the registered owner of the property. In recent times, conveyancing has become automated and most of the properties are now fully registered at the land registry. Hence, it is possible that when you buy a property, you will not receive any deeds, since they are no longer necessary.

What are conveyancing documents?

Conveyancing documents are produced during the course of buying or selling a property for the clients. There are a number of documents that are produced in a property transaction, such as:

  • The contract, which mentions the terms on which the property is being transferred.
  • The report on title, which contains the brief of all the searches and inquiries carried out for the property. 
  • The TR1, which is the Land Registry document required to transfer the property from the seller to the buyer.

How is conveyancing carried out?

Conveyancing is a long process that comprises several steps. In brief, there are the following steps:

  • The buyer’s conveyancer obtains all the required information on the property. It includes all kinds of searches, making inquiries to the seller’s conveyancer, liaising with the Land Registry and the mortgage company.
  • Once the conveyancer of the buyer is certain that he has all the needed information, he does all the paperwork, collects all the documents, and creates the contract. Then he reports to the buyer and the mortgage company.
  • Conveyancers of both parties, check if all the terms in the contract are as per their discussion. If both buyer and seller agree upon the information in the contracts, then the exchange takes place. A 10% deposit is usually paid by the buyer and the completion date and time are decided. 
  • There are some administrative tasks done between the exchange and completion stages.
  • On the completion date, the balance purchase price is paid, and the seller transfers the property to the buyer.

How is the exchange of contracts done?

Typically, contracts are exchanged in a phone call. The conveyancer for the purchaser and the conveyancer for the vendor consults with their clients to decide a date and time to make a call for exchanging contracts. On the specified day, the parties exchange the contracts on phone through their conveyancers.

When they get in a call, both the conveyancers hold a copy of the contract signed by their respective clients. They confirm that they are both holding the right version of the contract. This is because most of the time the final or the original draft has some fine adjustments in the clause, terms, or conditions. Therefore, they discuss any minor amendments or correct typos.

After that, they decide a day of completion with mutual consent and the conveyancers confirm that the exchange has taken place. It is specifically mentioned in the contract. Then each of them sends their version to the other through the post. The buyer also pays the deposit, which is usually 10% of the property price.

What happens on completion day?

On this day, the remaining amount of the property purchased is handed over to the seller. Upon receiving the amount, the seller leaves his possession on the property and the buyer gets complete ownership of the bought asset. The buyer usually collects the keys to the new property from the estate agents. The date of completion is decided on the day of contract exchange.

What kind of searches are included in the conveyancing process in Chester?

Our conveyancing service in Chester includes property checks to dig out the details about the property you are buying. It helps find any potential issues involved with the property that might impact its valuation.

Some of the common searches include:

  • Search for the local authority, such as coal mining searches or tin mining searches, surrounding areas for pollution, planning, highway, etc.
  • Search for environmental issues, such as land contamination and flooding.
  • Search for flaws in water and drainage system, such as drainage access to the property

Besides, there can be many other types of local searches that are not listed here that are carried out according to the location and type of the property.

Can the same solicitor represent both the buyer or seller in the transaction?

Yes, based on the type of relationship the solicitor has with both parties. If the buyer or seller has previous experience of working with the solicitor, it could work for them. However, both parties have to agree to their representation. Also, it may raise the representation issue in the case it is a mortgage plan. The mortgage lender may insist on having separate representation to avoid conflict of interest.

How and when do I finally exchange contracts?

Exchange of contracts happens at any time when both the parties agree in the presence of a conveyancing lawyer. The conveyancer lawyers ensure to counter-check every document received before giving their respective clients the go-ahead. The buyer’s conveyancer completes the searches and proves that this is a clean and transparent deal. The buyer receives property reports to check and advise accordingly on when to exchange the contracts. On the day chosen by both the parties, both the parties exchange their contracts. This is a highly crucial stage as both parties become legally binding.

How long do searches take?

Usually, searches do not take much time. A couple of days is enough as most of the searches are done by the conveyancer. The Local Authority Search, the most important one, takes around two weeks because it requires the help of the local authorities. The search duration can be even more if the local authority has a backlog.