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Finding a good conveyancing solicitor in Bournemouth is challenging. AVRillo is a trusted conveyancing service in Bournemouth accredited by the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) that can provide you expert legal advice. When you exchange property from one party to another in Bournemouth, the paperwork and legal jargon can be daunting and overwhelming for both buyer and seller. Starting from searches to drafting contracts and filling completion forms, each step has to be accomplished correctly. Not to forget the changing property exchange laws in the UK, which makes it even more difficult for an individual to carry out the process. Our expert conveyancing solicitors in Bournemouth are reliable, affordable, and faster than most conveyancing service providers in the UK. Our panel of licensed conveyancing solicitors is experienced and award winners in property transferring in Bournemouth.
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    Free Conveyancing Services Consultation in BournemouthOur trusted conveyancing solicitors in Bournemouth offer you 30 days free consultation for all matters related to residential property conveyancing services.
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    Local Conveyancing Help When you approach us to hire our conveyancing services, we allot one of our conveyancing solicitors with expertise who is familiar with the local property market in Bournemouth. Our conveyancing solicitors have years of experience in processing property transfer cases in Bournemouth. AVRillo has an award-winning team to take care of your conveyancing needs.
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    No up-front payment with AVRillo - one of the best conveyancing solicitors in BournemouthWe do not charge any up-front cost from our clients for our conveyancing services. You can compare our conveyancing fees with other solicitors who charge up-front cost.
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    Reasonably priced and reliableWe are one of the cheapest conveyancing solicitors in Bournemouth and nearby areas.
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    Fast processing of your online enquirires for conveyancing services in Bournemouth Request an online conveyancing services quote from licensed conveyancing solicitors from conveyancing quality scheme (CQS), Bournemouth.
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    Complete security of confidential data We realize your concern when your ownership documents are with us. As one of the most professional conveyancing solicitors we want to mention here that for several years we have been handling these documents safely and securely. At AVRillo, we take all the safety measures using an updated system to keep the documents and other information protected from any malware. Plus, we have our information technology team as a backup in case of any attempt of a breach. Besides, any information shared through direct conversation with our team will be kept private.

Residential Conveyancing Solicitors in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is situated in the South Coast of England and is known for its best seaside resort properties. If you are looking for an investment or finding a perfect home for yourself, our award winning conveyancing solicitors in Bournemouth will offer you the best legal advice. Bournemouth is a coastal town found on the south coast of England. According to the 2011 census, the town had a population of 183,491. The town is part of the South East Dorset conurbation with Poole to the west and Christchurch located in the east. South East Dorset has a population of 465,000. Need immediate help? Call our property solicitors in Bournemouth on tel:0208 370 3877 This town is home to Bournemouth International Center (BIC). It attracts up to 5 million visitors and tourists every year. Some of the top tourist attractions in the town are the notable Victorian architecture and the famous spire of the St. Peter’s Church. The average property price in Bournemouth is £269,112. Suppose you plan to move to the UK, the best place to go is Bournemouth. The average number of bedrooms in this town is 2.41. Bournemouth is home to some historic homes and modern buildings. The best place to move or find a house to buy is along the Old Christchurch Road. You should not hesitate to get a property conveyancing solicitor in Bournemouth to hold your hand when buying or moving property in the area.
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Conveyancing in Bournemouth: FAQs

How is conveyancing carried out in Bournemouth?

Conveyancing in Bournemouth involves three basic stages:

  • Offer and acceptance of the property price 
  • Exchange of contracts among the parties
  • Completion 

Once both the parties – buyer and seller of a property agree on the specific price of the property, they enter into a contract. 

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Both parties are allowed to back out of the transaction as long as they are in this first stage since it is not legally binding yet. When either of the parties decides to do so, none of them can incur any financial penalty. 

Looking for instant online conveyancing quote in Bournemouth? Call tel:0208 370 3877

The party buying the property is free to work with their lawyer and perform property checks. These checks may include:

  • Conveyancing property search by the conveyancing lawyer, such as the local authority search.
  • Independent survey of the property by the buyer, without engaging the solicitors.
  • Reviewing the property information by the conveyancing lawyers, provided by the seller.

After satisfying property checks, the buyer and the seller agree to sign and exchange the contracts. Once both parties sign the contracts, the transaction becomes legal binding to both parties. At this stage of any party that decides to pull out, may face a financial penalty.

When the transaction reaches the completion stage, the deal is considered official now. In this stage, the lawyer submits the property deed to the HM Land Registry, and the seller surrenders or leaves the property.

Can environmental factors impact my property purchase? Are they significant problems?

Yes. Many environmental factors can impact your property and it is not limited to contaminants like chemical or mineral pollutants only. The contamination also includes the proposed installation of mobile masts or the closeness of electricity pylons.

If the property is built on former industrial or agricultural land, the investigation will consider any known pollution that may exist in the topsoil or in the nearby region. Every possible environmental factor that may impact the property will be considered as part of the environmental searches. The conveyancer’s report on the title for the property will include all these details after an in-depth investigation.

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What kind of searches are included in the conveyancing process in Bournemouth?

Our conveyancing service in Bournemouth includes property checks to find out more about the property you are buying. It helps find any potential issues involved with the property that might impact its valuation.

Some of the common searches include:

  • Search for the local authority, such as coal mining searches or tin mining searches, surrounding areas for pollution, planning, highway, etc.
  • Search for environmental issues, such as land contamination and flooding.
  • Search for flaws in water and drainage system, such as drainage access to the property

Besides, there can be many other types of local searches that are not listed here that are carried out according to the location and type of the property.

How long does the conveyancing process take in Bournemouth?

Typically, the duration of complete buying and selling of property is approximately 8 to 12 weeks. At times, it might take even more depending on the length of chain you are in and the time of the year. Other than that, there can be unexpected surprises during the searches or inquiries. 

The time also goes into contacting and communicating with the conveyancer. Altogether, it can take up to 5 months from the time you contact your conveyancing service. 

Hence, there is no specific time for the conveyancing process. However, AVRillo conveyancing solicitors in Bournemouth takes an average of 2 months on property exchanges from the date you agree to proceed with your transaction process.

What is a local search?

The local search is also called the local authority search or the local land charges search. It is a report received from the local authority which contains information specifically about the property and the surrounding area. 

What happens after the completion stage?

Once completion is done, as a buyer or seller, your job is completed. However, we have some paperwork to deal with. We need to make sure that the Land Registry records are updated to display the new owner, all old mortgages are paid off and removed from the Land Registry, and if any fresh mortgage is registered at the Land Registry. Once all these tasks are completed, we will update you.

What is the meaning of contract exchange?

It is a stage when both buying and selling parties make a firm commitment to sell/buy the property. They check the contract for the one last time. Once the buyer confirms they are happy to proceed, the solicitor’s exchange contracts.

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After that, the buyer pays a deposit of 10% of the purchase price or commits to paying. Usually, both the parties agree upon the terms in the contract over the phone in the presence of their solicitors. Then the contracts are sent to each other by post.

You should always take expert guidance from property solicitors in Bournemouth before buying or selling an property.


What are conveyancing deeds?

Conveyancing deeds are the papers that show the registered owner of the property. In recent times, conveyancing has become automated and most of the properties are now fully registered at the land registry. Hence, it is possible that when you buy a property, you will not receive any deeds, since they are no longer necessary.

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Who drafts the contract?

The seller’s solicitor prepares the draft, but the buyer’s solicitor has the right to review it and ask for changes if required. They work together to set out the terms on which the seller is selling the property to the buyer. In the process, the solicitors may negotiate until both sides are happy with it. Hence, both the parties equally participate in drafting the contract. 

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Can the same solicitor become the legal representative of the buyer or seller in the transaction?

Yes, if the buyer or seller has worked with the solicitor before and shares a good relationship, then both parties can have the same conveyancing solicitor in Bournemouth. However, both parties have to agree upon the representation of the same solicitor. But you may encounter issues if you are buying with a mortgage company. The lender may insist on having a separate representation in order to avoid conflict of interest.

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When does the exchange of contracts happen?

Exchange of contracts happens when you are ready. Your conveyancing lawyer will counter-check every document received from the other party before giving you the go-ahead. Once the search documents prove that this is a clean and transparent deal, you can hand over the contracts in the presence of your conveyancer lawyer. Your conveyancing lawyer will initially give you reports to check and then advise accordingly on when to exchange the contracts. This is a highly crucial stage as both parties become legally binding.

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What does the 'Chain' mean in conveyancing?

In conveyancing, the word chain is used in where two transactions are going on simultaneously. If I buy a house and have another house that I don’t wish to keep, I will have to sell the one I am living in, which I don’t want to keep. 

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The term chain is used in that one transaction depends on the other to be profitable. Once you have sold your house and not successfully purchased the other house, the sale of your house will not be profitable as much, as you then have to start looking for a house to buy which is repeating the whole process. 

Also, if you seek such a transaction, you will need to ensure that the exact time of sale of one property is the same time of purchase of the other. However, this is hard to achieve as the two transactions may take a different amount of time, making one slow down the other.

Always consult a first-class conveyancing solicitor in Bournemouth for expert legal assistance.

What is the meaning of joint tenancy?

Joint tenancy is the situation when two or more people own the same property together. The owners of such property are called joint tenants where each has equal rights and responsibilities.

When purchasing property, joint tenancy offers equal rights and responsibilities to all parties for the purchased real estate. Therefore, you should always take the assistance of a conveyancing solicitor in Bournemouth, England.

Joint tenants receive the equal amount of rights in the property, but there are some limitations on how they can use their shares. It may also involve the most critical condition of ownership, that is the right of survivorship.

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