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Looking to buy a new house in Bedford? You should take the help of reputed conveyancing lawyers in Bedford to make your property buying process easy and hassle-free. Whether you want to buy land or property, it will not be easy since the legal paperwork requirement might be frustrating for first-time buyers. At AVRillo, we make it super easy for you to move to your new house in Bedford by making the conveyancing process safe, affordable, and secure. We have several years of experience in the conveyancing industry and have secured the most prestigious conveyancing awards. With over 95% client success rate and over 40,000 happy clients, why would you prefer to go somewhere else?
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  • Zero up-front costsWhen you visit any other conveyancing solicitor in Bedford, they might charge you a hefty fee upfront. However, at AVRillo conveyancing, we do not charge any upfront conveyancing fees from our clients. You will pay nothing up-front because all we want is your peace of mind. We understand how difficult it is for new property buyers to buy a property hassle-free. This is why AVRillo takes the pain out of your conveyancing needs and makes your move easy.
  • Up to 95% Success Rate Property buying is challenging if you don't receive proper guidance. Every property-related transaction has risks if you don't take the help of an experienced property solicitor. AVRillo takes pride in having a 95% client success rate while the country's average is 63%. You can be assured that you will get the speed, assurance, and security required for a smoother move. Ready to speed up your property buying journey? You can trust AVRillo, and we will help you move in less than two months.
  • Trusted and affordable AVRillo has a proven track record of success and service delivery. Our conveyancing services in Bedford are trusted with The Sunday Times, a globally recognised news publication. This means you can also count on us for the best conveyancing services in the UK. We don't speak of ourselves; our awards are enough to speak for us. We have won the most awards in this industry, meaning you'll be interacting with the best conveyancing lawyers in the UK. We have over thousands of happy clients and have made over £7 billion in deals. These numbers are an accurate indication that AVRillo has a proven track record you can always count on.
  • Complete confidentialityWe understand how difficult it can be to keep client documents safe when making a transfer. Therefore, at AVRillo, we maintain secure procedures like malware protection and email encryption to keep all client communication and emails safe. We ensure all your property related documents and transactions are kept secure. You can be 100% sure when communicating with one of our team members that all your information will remain completely safe. AVRillo has an online system that keeps all the sensitive docs secured.

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Conveyancing in Bedford: FAQs

How does the conveyancing process work?

There are three steps involved in the conveyancing process in Bedford that you should be well aware of. Here is how the conveyancing process work:


  • Making an offer and acceptance of the offer
  • Exchanging of contracts between parties
  • Completion of the contract

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The buyer and seller of a property in Bedford agree to enter into a contract once they agree on a specific property price. 


If the parties decide to pull out of the transaction in the first stage, they can do so because it is not legally binding. There is no financial penalty if the cancellation happens in the first step.


The property buyer works closely with the conveyancing solicitor to carry out several checks on the property. These inspections cover things such as:


  • The conveyancer conducts property verification, such as the local authority search.
  • The buyer performs a property survey without the help of the lawyers or the seller.
  • The property lawyers review the property information provided by the seller and make any required inquiries.


Once the property document verification is done, the buyer and the seller enters into a contract. The property agreement contract is signed between both parties once all the checks are done and the parties are satisfied with the property documents, property condition, and current market value. After the contracts have been read, agreed to, and signed by both parties, the agreement is considered to be legally binding. Pulling out of the contract at this stage results in a financial penalty.


The transaction now reaches the completion stage. The conveyancing attorney transfers the property deed to the HM Land Registry, and the seller hands over the property to the buyer, who is now the property’s new owner.

How long does it take for the conveyancing process to complete in Bedford?

It is difficult to specify a specific period for conveyancing process completion as the time taken for property transfer depends on several factors. The time for the conveyancing process in Bedford varies between 12 to 14 weeks. During this time, several property checks are conducted, and different documents are signed. The conveyancing lawyer assists both the buyer and seller during the process for a smooth property transaction.  

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However, certain issues might happen along the property chain that can cause a delay in transactions. Your conveyancing solicitor is likely to inform you of any available options you have if there are any delays as the transaction is ongoing. 

What are the searches involved in the conveyancing process in Bedford?

Your property solicitor will carry out some inspection on your behalf if you buy a property in Bedford. Property searches are an essential part of the home buying process, and there are three primary searches related to property buying:

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  • Local authority checks to examine all the local authority records relating to the property. These checks are related to pollution, planning, highway, and any other related issues. 
  • Water and drainage searches to ensure the property has a sewer running within the boundaries of the property.
  • Environmental searches to check for issues such as land contamination and flooding.


Your conveyancing lawyer is likely to carry out any other relevant property searches not listed here, depending on the location and the type of property you are buying.

What is stamp duty?

Stamp duty is a legal tax paid to the government on behalf of the property transaction process. The government charges stamp duty on the sale and purchase of every property. Your lawyer or your real estate agency will calculate the stamp duty tax you need to pay as evidence for the sale or purchase of the property. 


Often, the property lawyer provides the tax estimate when they give you a quote. Property under a certain rate may be exempted from stamp duty. Therefore, you should always consult a solicitor before you agree to buy a property and enter into a contract. Costly property will attract a higher stamp duty tax as compared to a property that is priced lower. 


Your conveyancing solicitor will complete the stamp duty form. You should always pay the stamp duty before the property transfer because you need to get the stamp duty payment certificate. It is a required document during the property registration process.

What is a freehold property?

A freehold property refers to the full ownership of the property forever, and the buyer has outright right to the property and the land on which it is built.

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What is a leasehold property?

A leasehold property refers to the temporary ownership of a property in which the buyer buys the right to occupy the property for a certain time. In most cases, this period is between 30-99 years, and leasehold usually applies to flats.

Why do I need a conveyancing lawyer in Bedford?

A conveyancing solicitor assists you with all the legal aspects of buying a property. Conveyancing services help you work with your mortgage lender, conduct property searches, make you understand the property transfer process, calculate the stamp duty and help with completing all the required legal formalities related to property buying. 

There are more than 70 questions listed on the completion form and incorrectly filling them attracts a penalty. Therefore, you should always take the help of an experienced conveyancing solicitor to complete all the documents on your behalf.

What is a title deed?

A title deed is the most crucial document in the property transaction process. It is a document relating to the property which may have benefits and rights that affect the property. A title deed gives you the legal rights to own a property. 

What are the risks involved?

If you are the buyer, you remain aware of some of the risks involved during the property transfer process. In the property agreement contract, there might be a clause that states that the buyer should provide a 10% deposit on the total property value when buying a property. However, if something goes wrong and the buyer cannot complete the deposit, the seller can keep the buyer’s 10% deposit. The seller often pursues a claim if the buyer doesn’t put the 10% deposit down. A litigation lawyer helps in this process. 

Therefore, as a buyer, you should keep your mortgage offer in hand. If you are taking a 95% mortgage on the property, you should ensure the initial deposit is reduced to 5%, else you might not pay the agreed sum resulting in contract termination. 

A failed completion is not likely to occur when you work with a trusted conveyancing firm like AVRillo. We ensure to keep both parties informed regarding the process so that the property exchange is done hassle-free.

How long does property exchange take?

On average, the property exchange process in Bedford happens between 3 to 4 months, and in some cases, it might take up to 5 months. If you hire a trusted conveyancing service with a proven track record, the property exchange process will get completed in 40-60 days. 


AVRillo’s team of conveyancing solicitors understand how the conveyancing process works and the factors that can speed up the entire property exchange process. Therefore, when you work with AVRillo, we ensure to complete your property exchange within two months.

What is a mortgage offer?

A mortgage offer is an official confirmation letter that your mortgage application has been duly checked and approved. It becomes much easier for you to buy a property once you have a mortgage offer in hand.

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How to start the conveyancing process in Bedford?

Our team of experienced conveyancing solicitors have got you covered. You can get in touch with our team of property lawyers in Bedford by giving us a call. You can also chat with one of our agents or request an online quote. Our property consultants are happy to assist you with as many questions as you might have related to property transfer in Bedford.


AVRillo has a trusted conveyancing team that will help you run through all the stages of the conveyancing transactions. Our conveyancing solicitors are always available to attend to your queries whether you are moving to or across the city of Bristol. 

How much does conveyancing service cost in Bedford?

Our licensed conveyancing services come in a range of flexible fees suited for all our clients. Charges will depend on several factors, such as property type and value and there are certain fixed charges required for every property transaction. Your property solicitor will help you understand the expenses involved in the conveyancing process, and you will be informed of any additional fees during the process. 


Some of the costs that the seller needs to pay are property registering charges and the cost of conveyancing searches. Our property lawyers will also assist you in calculating Capital Gains and Stamp Duty taxes that are likely to affect your property transaction.