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Awarded UK’s best conveyancing firm employing both expert conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors looking after the conveyancing in Sheffield? We are a Conveyancing specialist regulated by the Council of Licenced Conveyancers whose systems are the fastest when it comes to buying, or selling a house or flat in Sheffield. Request your conveyancing quote estimate today!
  • Value for money When buying property in the UK, you should consider saving money and getting the real value for what you pay. We have a team of solicitors who hold your hand throughout the property acquisition journey in Sheffield. Our team will identify all the issues in the contract and ensure the property you are about to pay for is worth the investment. Our team of real estate agents ensures you get the best deals on property in Sheffield and you walk away smiling.
  • Money-back guarantee No other conveyancing lawyer in Sheffield offers you a money-back guarantee as we do. When you opt for our services we can assure you the best. You can try our services for free in 30 days. If you are not satisfied, we take responsibility by not demanding a penny from you. You pay nothing and keep the services we have delivered to you for free. That is how serious we are with our “money-back guarantee” policy.
  • No upfront costs Another reason you should opt for our services is because we do not ask you to make any upfront costs. You don’t pay anything upfront when you seek our services. When you come calling for conveyancing lawyer services, our team of estate agents will begin work on the spot. We give you a free conveyancing quote when you contact us and begin work immediately.
  • A team you can trust We are one of the most trusted conveyancing solicitors in the country. Our team is trusted by The Sunday Times and most property owners in the UK. All the work we do comes from word-of-mouth referrals. It means you can trust our team of solicitors and estate agents to help you seal the best property deals in the city. Most people would recommend our services to others because we give you value for money, and we have a proven record of success in every project we handle.
  • SpeedDelaying your property move increases the risk of not moving at all. Individual circumstances may change the timescales to completion, but we will continuously update you as and when such delays are encountered. The UK average is 5 to 6 months. Our average is 2 to 3 months. The time from instruction and full details within the memorandum of sale from the estate agent, to completion of a sale or purchase of a freehold standard property (with no complications or defects) will depend on various different factors, examples include how proactive and fast you are in collaboration with your own conveyancer, with dealing with requests from the other party’s conveyancers, your ability to pass AML, if there is an unusual circumstance or defects arise, or if there is a leasehold and the landlord or management company delay, or if there is a mortgage lender involved and their responses or required steps are delayed or if there is a delay in the chain etc.
  • Safety first Your security should always come first when buying or moving property in Sheffield. At AVRillo, we ensure you conveyancing service that is fast, efficient, and secure. We have developed an online communication system with complete confidentiality. Our team will ensure that the documents you transfer and share with us are safe and secure. We assure your security by installing malware protection on our systems and encrypting all emails and chats with our support desk.
  • Years of experienceYou get more than just conveyancing services when you reach out to a company that has been in the industry for years. We have in-depth knowledge of the national and local property market. This alone gives us an upper hand over our competitors in the UK that deal with local transactions. AVRillo has worked with its partners and served more than 40000 happy clients. We have won over 60 awards in the industry, making us one of the best you can have in the country. Having sealed £7 billion worth of deals, you can count on us for the best conveyancing services in the UK.

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Sheffield Conveyancing Services FAQs

How many years have you been in service?

AVRillo has been offering conveyancing services in the UK for more than a decade. Our team of solicitors and estate agents has many years of combined experience.

What services do you offer?

When you reach out to AVRillo conveyancers, you are guaranteed the following services:

  • Buying and selling a home, leasehold property, and freehold of a house
  • Equity release
  • Transfer of a property
  • Remortgaging
  • Advice for first-time homebuyers
  • Commercial conveyancing
  • Getting Deeds of Gift and property
  • Stamp Duty advice
  • Lease extension

What is Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty is a type of tax that the government charges to anyone buying a property. Every individual is liable to pay stamp duty tax when buying property for the first time unless an exemption applies.

When you plan to buy property in Sheffield, you can ask your solicitor to help you calculate the stamp duty you are likely to pay. The solicitor should send you a quote estimate of stamp duty which is normally based on the purchase price.

The amount you pay as stamp duty will normally vary depending on the value of the property and your capacity as a buyer. Property that is over a million pounds is likely to pay a higher rate. You will be more liable to additional rate stamp duty tax if you own more than one property in the UK.

Once you instruct your conveyancing solicitor to complete the stamp duty form, you have to pay the stamp duty on completion. Also, you will have to pay your stamp duty as a buyer if you are completing your stamp duty form.

You will be issued an SDLT5 certificate of payment for the solicitor to complete and submit your AP1 Land Registry as a new owner within the priority period. Failing to do this, you can risk being attacked by a fraudulent buyer taking illegal ownership of the property.

How much do you pay when instructing your lawyer to complete the stamp duty tax form?

How much you will pay for this process will depend on what your lawyer is asking for. The amount payable will be indicated or contained in their terms. If not, you should ask the lawyer. A complete form has over 70 questions that you should answer.

Therefore, when you hire solicitors, you will be saving time to fill out this form. The form also attracts a penalty from the government if it is not filled correctly. It means you avoid the penalty when you have a solicitor filling out the form on your behalf.

What is the difference between freehold and leasehold?

Freehold is a term used to describe land ownership. It means the estate or property is “free from hold “ of any entity apart from the real owner. A leasehold is when you own a property temporarily. It applies to flats.

Can you have a deposit of less than 10%?

In some cases, the buyer may not provide a full deposit of 10% because they have qualified for a 95% mortgage, and they are receiving less money. For the seller, it means the buyer will be paying a lower deposit, sometimes close to 5%. 

The law provides that if anything goes wrong and the buyer cannot complete the deposit, then the seller has a right to keep the buyer’s 10% deposit after a due process is followed.

Through a litigation lawyer, the seller can proceed to pursue a claim if the buyer fails to put down the % deposit. There is less chance of a failed completion, but sometimes it is important to know the risk involved.

How long does it take to exchange property in Sheffield?

How long it takes to exchange property in the UK and Sheffield, to be specific, will depend mostly on the lawyer you choose to work with. There are times when most solicitors are busy or have a chain of projects waiting. 

In this case, it can take them between 3-4 months to complete an exchange. A normal completion can take up to 5 months from when you instruct your lawyer to start the process. You should talk to your lawyer before you can instruct them. 

What is a mortgage offer?

A mortgage offer is an amount you are being offered and the terms of the offer you get from the seller.

What are some of the searches involved in conveyancing in London?

Your conveyancer or solicitors will carry out a background check or search on the property you are buying to ensure there are no underlying issues that you should know. These are some of the searches your conveyancer should make:

Water and drainage searches are done to check issues like access to drainage and water.

  • Environmental searches – This is a search to identify issues such as flooding and land contamination.
  • Local authority checks – This is a search to find out the surrounding area for pollution, planning, highway, and other related issues.

Your solicitors can also conduct more checks than these, depending on where the property is located and the type of property you are moving to.

What is the process of conveyancing in Sheffield?

The conveyancing process in Sheffield involves only three stages that you should beware of:

  • Offer and acceptance
  • Buyer and seller exchanging the contracts
  • Completion of the offer

The buyer and seller of a property will normally agree to enter into a contract once they have agreed on a price for a property. There is nothing legal that binds the buyer and seller at this stage of the transaction. It means either party can just pull out of the transaction without attracting any penalties.

The buyer of the property agrees to work with their solicitor to perform checks on the property. Some of these checks include:

  • Review of documents – the solicitor reviews the property information provided by the seller and makes any further inquiries if there are any.
  • Property searches – the conveyancer conducts property searches such as local authority checks.
  • The real buyer of the property conducts an independent survey of the property.

Once all the checks are completed and both the buyer and seller are satisfied, the contract documents are signed and exchanged. At this stage, the transaction is now considered legal and binding.

No party should pull out of the transaction because it can result in a financial penalty. If the transaction reaches the completion stage, it is considered official, and a transfer deed is issued to the HM Land Registry. The seller is now required by law to leave or surrender their property to the new owner.

What is the cost of conveyancing in Sheffield?

At AVRillo, we provide you affordable and flexible fees when you seek out our conveyancing services in Sheffield. If there are any additional fees required to complete a transaction, your solicitor will inform you on time and explain why this is happening.

Additional fees that you are likely to incur during the conveyancing process are known as disbursements. Some of these costs include the cost of registering at the HM Land Registry and conveyancing searches. 

Also, you should look more into how the prevailing tax rates will affect your property transaction like Capital Gains and Stamp Duty. You can talk to your solicitor to help you calculate the tax due when buying property and how much you are likely to owe when filing the return with HMRC.