Conveyancing Quality Standards

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Conveyancing Quality Standards

Conveyancing quality standards are exceptionally high in the UK due to the CQS (Conveyancing Quality Scheme), which is governed by the Law Society.

When it comes to credibility, this accreditation is essential for firms which have associated stakeholders such as residential home purchasers and sellers, insurers, lenders and regulators.

Ever since its initiation in 2011, this scheme has successfully generated a respected trustworthy community. Furthermore, it has done a great deal to progressively ameliorate residential conveyancing standards and deter fraud. This in turn is a huge asset for buyers and sellers who use the services of conveyancers.

Users are secure in the knowledge that CQS accreditation is only given to practices which provide residential conveyancing and are regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. When a legal firm requests CQS accreditation, it is mandatory for them to comply with the protocol laid out by the Law Society. If required, they will need to revise their active policies or bring in new measures in order to meet various obligations.

Whenever you are looking for a residential conveyancing firm and see one which is CQS accredited, you can be assured of a stress-free process because you are guaranteed that they apply best practice and meet the highest levels of client service and technical expertise. There is also a Client Charter which has been created for the purpose of informing potential clients exactly what they can anticipate when they instruct CQS accredited conveyancers.

When you make a residential property transaction as a buyer or seller, you are probably dealing with the most valuable asset you have, or will have. You may also have a family that lives or will live in the property. To that end, going to a conveyancing firm that follows the CQS client charter is by far the wisest and safest step you can take. So when you see the scheme’s logo online or on their stationery, you are safe in the knowledge that the conveyancing firm has attained the mandatory standards of integrity and practice to achieve the Law Society’s accreditation, and that they will provide you with quality and professional conveyancing to help protect the interests of you and your family.

With a CQS accredited residential conveyancer, you can expect that:

At the time you first contact them to discuss your purchase or sale, they will clearly explain the stages in the procedure and what they will do for you:

– They will let you know what their charges will be
– They will keep you up to date with the way your purchase or sale is progressing
– They will work in accordance with the Law Society’s CQS quality standards

They will ensure that they:

– Treat you in a fair way
– Behave in a professional and polite manner
– Promptly respond to your enquiries
– Inform you of any problems if and when they arise
–  Ask you to give feedback on the service you have received

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