Conveyancing Quality Scheme And Conveyancing Protocol

When buying and selling properties, it is useful to not only  look out for the positive reviews but also the merits in which the company operates. The Conveyancing Quality Scheme is one of the recognised standards for delivering conveyancing.   

What is the conveyancing quality scheme?

The Conveyancing Quality Scheme is set out by the Law Society, and when a firm of solicitors or conveyancers is accredited with the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, a client can be safe in the knowledge that their conveyancer deals with transactions in a way which is of a recognised quality standard. 

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The Conveyancing Quality Scheme provides that conveyancers and solicitors carrying out the work, have not only the expertise to do so but also by being part of the scheme that the conveyancers will use standard and recognised procedures as well as ensuring clients are aware of costs of the work being carried out. 

What is the benefit of being accredited with the Conveyancing Quality Scheme? 

By being accredited with the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, conveyancers have a wider market in which they can offer their services. 

The Conveyancing Quality Scheme enables conveyancers to work with and have greater access to more lenders, as lenders recognise the quality of the work provided by the solicitors is of a high standard. 

The Conveyancing Quality Scheme also enables conveyancers to be more protected by conveyancers working in an approved way, reducing the firm’s risk of complaints. 

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In order to be accredited with the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, the firm must go through a lengthy process including training and reapplying to ensure the accreditation is up to date, which gives clients the reassurance that the firm is consistently offering a quality service to their clients. 

In summary, being accredited with the Conveyancing Quality Scheme is a proud achievement for a firm to hold, because it demonstrates that the firm has met the law society’s requirements for delivering a ‘quality’ service, which they can go on to show to clients and lenders.

What is the Conveyancing Protocol?

The Law Society’s Conveyancing Protocol was first introduced on 1 April 2011. The Protocol was subsequently updated in 2019.  The latest version of the Protocol can be viewed on the Law Society’s website at  

Solicitors will usually alert clients to their use and following of the Conveyancing Protocol at the outset of the conveyancing transaction. 

What is the Law Society’s Conveyancing Protocol? 

The Conveyancing Protocol is in essence a procedure set down by the Law Society for Solicitors to follow when acting in a residential property sale or property purchase. It can be used for both freehold and leasehold properties and residential buy to let conveyancing transactions.  

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However, it has not been designed to be used in the purchase of newly built homes. The use of the Protocol is compulsory for those solicitors that are accredited under the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS).  

The aim of the Protocol is to ensure consistency between the solicitors working on residential conveyancing transactions.  It contains a number of different and specific steps that should be followed by the solicitors when acting for a buyer or a seller.  

Why is the Law Society’s Conveyancing Protocol helpful? 

The Conveyancing Protocol is an extremely useful tool to make the conveyancing process more efficient and effective.  By standardising the residential conveyancing process the outcome is a much improved experience for solicitors, lenders and also for sellers and buyers.  

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By placing clear obligations on the solicitors, the Protocol sets out an approach to ensure that the buyer’s solicitor and the seller’s solicitor cooperate successfully together.  By accurately following the Protocol solicitors are able to prevent any unnecessary delays.  In conclusion the use of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Protocol makes the conveyancing process as seamless and stress-free as possible for the ultimate benefit of buyers and sellers.