Conveyancing for Peterborough Property

Shocking fact: 39.8%* of property transactions fail after instructing conveyancers. That’s 2 in 5 moves collapsing. 

We’re different: 95% of our clients successfully move because we have awards for innovative conveyancing.

Ask yourself one question. Are you serious about buying or selling  in Peterborough? Then choose the best conveyancing for your Peterborough property, not the cheapest.

The Sunday Times, three years in a row!

Best Conveyancing Winners, AVRillo’s conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors specialise exclusively in conveyancing, meaning no other area of law detracts or delays our focus in an industry which PropertyMark refers to as Dickensian.

The True Cost of Cheap Conveyancing

Delays due to lack of recourses potentially could risk a loss of £14,500 even on an average proper of £282,700 (Govt. data) by just a 5% property price change over the additional 8 months to put a new chain together and for a conveyancer to carry out a new set of legal work. Thats £30k lost on a £600k property; £45k on a £900k property.

Our stats are sourced from reliable source, including the Govt., Which, The Sunday Times, Rightmove, and OnTheMarket. So why gamble with your Peterborough property conveyancing.

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How does your choice of conveyancer affect whether you fail to move or actually move in Peterborough?

  1. Because 39.8%* of buyers and sellers consumers fail to move, even after instructing their conveyancer.  Not with us. AVRillo conveyancing successfully move 95% of our clients. That’s the one thing out of many things that attract clients to AVRillo**  

Ask yourself, what’s the one thing you want. It’s to move. It has to be. That’s the biggest one thing we have focused millions of pounds innovating is on getting you success   

  1. Because it takes 5 to 12 months to move on average but only 2.5 months with us.

That’s up to 5 months for an average karat to do your Legals but 8 months if you are one of the 4 in 10 who fail to move first time around where you then take another 3 months to find an alternative buyer or seller prepared to sell or buy and then another up to 5 months paying for a second set of lawyers.    

And worst of all, you lose your opportunity to move for almost a year. 

Our advice, don’t choose cheap conveyancing when choosing a conveyancing for buying and selling your home in Peterborough? 

Why? It’s simple really, ask yourself, a few questions you know deep why cheap isn’t best. 

It’s a costly gamble – £15,000 or more 

Why? Because failing first time around which 4 in 10 do in the UK (OnTheMarket data) means losing potentially 12 months delay in moving age even a 5% change in price over that year is £14,000 lost potentially (on an average uk property price land registry shows a is £282,700). A 2.5% change is £7000 potentially lost, Peterborough is no exception, its property prices can go up as well down. No one has a crystal ball.   

Cut your risk by focusing on conveyancing that has a record success not of being cheaper. 

How many times have you opted for cheap and regretted it.   

Would you choose a cheap heart surgeon with a 4 in 10 chance of their operation failing? That’s the risk in conveyancing where the failure rate in moving is 39.8% every year.    

Other losses you could risk? 

Mortgage, or paying extra rental of you secreting or to safeguard against financial losses, exercise utmost care in choosing the finest conveyancers or conveyancing solicitors in Peterborough. Otherwise, you may face double conveyancing costs if your initial transaction falls through, a situation experienced by 39.8%* of those who choose other conveyancers across the country.   


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Serious about moving?

AVRillo employ Conveyancers and Conveyancing Solicitors who work day in day out in their speciality because AVRillo are exclusively s specialists in conveyancing, that’s the art of moving buyers and sellers, including those who need to move around the Peterborough area. It means AVRillo doesn’t let any other area of law get in the way of their focus. A bit like heart surgeons, they don’t get bogged down in other areas, neither do we.  

We’re so serious about conveyancing in Peterborough that we’re even regulated by the CLC. 

As a Conveyancing specialist we chose to be regulated by the Council of Licensed Conveyancers as they are regulatory authority specialist in conveyancing.   

Our successful move rate for buyers and sellers revolves around AVRillo being very different   

That’s a good thing bearing in mind even PropertyMark, the trade association for estate agents, refers to conveyancing as ‘Dickensian’.   

Millions invested in your success   

Instead, we’ve spent millions on innovating and creating an award-winning conveyancing firm and system to cut delay by half and reduce the 39.8% national UK failure rate to just 5% risk. We’ll virtually guarantee your move for buyers and sellers in Peterborough. 

Contact AVRillo, an award-winning conveyancing firm regulated by the CLC who have the expertise to work in all property areas in England including Peterborough

At AVRillo Conveyancing, we employ some of the best conveyancing solicitors and conveyancers with expertise to save you money on your overall conveyancing and moving process whether you're buying, selling in the Peterborough area.
Get in touch with the best UK conveyancers who also cover the Peterborough area for award winning conveyancing services so call us for a money saving quote estimate to help you buy and sell in Peterborough on 0208 370 3877.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Conveyancing in Peterborough: Buying & Selling Properties

As the highly acclaimed conveyancers specialising in the buying and selling of Peterborough property, we understand the pressures when purchasing a property for the first time in Peterborough or its neighboring areas. It is vital to appoint expert conveyancers who can provide dedicated support and address all commonly asked questions regarding the conveyancing process in Peterborough.

What are the steps in the conveyancing process in Peterborough?

The contract only becomes legally binding on the contract exchange date, and anyone who withdraws from the deal thereafter may incur financial penalties.

The completion date marks when the buyer can take possession of the property, while the seller vacates.

On a Sale there are 14 or so milestones but more depending on the complexity 

On a purchase there are 17 or so milestones but more depending on the complexity 

  1. Instruct a conveyancer
  2. Complete property information forms
  3. Obtain title deeds or official copies from Land Registry
  4. Draft contract
  5. Request lease pack (only if leasehold)
  6. Respond to buyer’s enquiries
  7. Prepare paperwork for the seller to sign
  8. Prepare for Exchange
  9. Exchange contracts
  10. Prepare for completion
  11. Complete the sale
  12. Pay estate agent fees and mortgage (if applicable)
  13. Transfer net same proceeds to seller
  14. Send title deeds and transfer deed to buyer’s solicitor

For a Purchase:

  1. Instruct a conveyancer
  2. Receive draft contract from seller’s solicitor
  3. Conduct property searches (local authority,, water and drainage, and others depending on location and property etc.)
  4. Conduct title check of the deeds
  5. Raise enquiries based on title checking, ordered search results and property information
  6. Review mortgage offer (if applicable)
  7. Chase outstanding enquires or come up with alternative solutions.
  8. Prepare a report on title and paperwork for the buyer to sign
  9. Exchange contracts
  10. Arrange deposit transfer
  11. Conduct final land registry and bankruptcy searches
  12. Prepare for completion
  13. Transfer funds to seller’s solicitor
  14. Complete the purchase
  15. Receive keys and move in
  16. Pay Stamp Duty Land Tax (if applicable)
  17. Register new ownership with Land Registry

How long does the conveyancing process take?

The duration of the conveyancing process in Peterborough can vary depending on several factors. Generally, it is expected to take approximately 5 months to complete, starting from the moment your conveyancer sends their first letter after all parties have instructed their conveyancers.

Unforeseen issues may arise, potentially causing delays. If a property chain is involved, these delays can be further compounded by emerging issues during the conveyancing process. A knowledgeable conveyancing expert should be able to offer practical alternative options to expedite your case, as delays significantly contribute to the national 39.8% fall-through rate. Don’t hesitate to inquire about these options if they haven’t been discussed.

During the conveyancing process, what kinds of searches are conducted in Peterborough?

Your conveyancer in Peterborough must conduct a range of checks on behalf of the buyer to ensure they are aware of any underlying issues that require attention. The following are the basic two searches obligatory during the conveyancing process:

– Water and drainage searches – Is the property adequately connected to the drainage system?

– Local Authority checks – These checks involve investigating highways, planning regulations, and other relevant local authority information.

However, due to the principle of “buyer beware,” the search company may recommend additional searches to mitigate potential losses after receiving copies of the Land Registry deeds, register, and title plan. If these searches could have revealed defects that you could have requested the seller to address before completion—defects for which you become personally liable after completion—then the advising search company will notify both us and you accordingly.

– Environmental search provides information on any contamination risks to the property and land, including from nearby landfill sites, historical or current industrial land use, and other sources.

– Flood search provides information on the risk of flooding to the property from all significant flood sources, including surface water so applicable even if not near a river or stream.

– Energy and Transportation search looks for information on existing and planned energy and transport infrastructure in the area.

– Chancel looks for a risk that the property owner is liable to contribute to paying for the cost of church repairs in the area. Important bearing in mind churches are located close to many properties.

– Climate search looks for potential risks and impacts of climate change on a specific property including factors that could affect the property’s value, usability, and safety.

– New Forest search provides information on restrictions, designations, and specific planning constraints within the New Forest National Park area

Is there a way to receive an instant conveyancing quote online?

Please feel free to take advantage of a complimentary initial telephone consultation with our conveyancers in Peterborough. You can reach us at tel: 0208 370 3877.

Additionally, you can easily engage in a live chat with us through our user-friendly website.

Rest assured, our team of skilled property lawyers will support you through the initial stages. Once your file is opened, you can rest easy knowing that your designated conveyancer will efficiently manage the entire conveyancing process.

What are the charges associated with your conveyancing service in Peterborough?

Our conveyancing services are readily available to all clients in Peterborough, offering a diverse range of flexible pricing options. We take pride in serving numerous satisfied clients with our fixed conveyancing fee in Peterborough. However, it’s important to note that there may be additional expenses involved, including HM Land Registry charges and various conveyancing service fees. It’s crucial to understand that the specific searches conducted during the process can vary depending on the type of property involved.

Our team of experienced conveyancing lawyers in Peterborough will provide you with comprehensive information regarding any extra costs you may encounter. You will receive clear explanations for these additional fees.

Disbursements refer to supplementary costs that may arise throughout the conveyancing process. As mentioned earlier, factors such as land registration and property searches contribute to these additional expenses.

Read below the 11 ways to save £000’s
on your Peterborough conveyancing & moving costs
  • 1. 95% Move Success Rate in Peterborough Choose AVRillo Conveyancing for your Peterborough property transaction, and you could be 8 times more likely to move successfully compared to the national average success rate for other conveyancers or conveyancing solicitors servicing the Peterborough area. With a record 95% move success rate, we ensure your move doesn't end up as one of the 300,000 sales that collapse yearly in the UK.
  • 2. Reduce your 39.8% risk of losing £15,000 due to the fluctuating property prices in Peterborough. Annually, among the 200,000 sales and purchases that encounter setbacks, individuals like yourself confront the possibility of incurring conveyancing expenses, third-party disbursements, heightened interest payments, missed mortgage opportunities, and significant financial losses due to the fluctuating property prices in Peterborough.
  • 3. Reduce 83% Stress of moving according to the moverly survey. Selecting the correct conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor for your Peterborough property move can save you from unnecessary stress and emotional turmoil. Our Peterborough conveyancing quote estimate significantly reduces the risk of your move collapsing, sparing you the hassle of starting the process all over again.
  • 4. 60-Day Free Trial for Peterborough Conveyancing Costs AVRillo Conveyancing is the only conveyancers doing Peterborough conveyancing offering a no costs guarantee. A 60-day cooling off period - if you change your mind, we'll transfer our work to your new conveyancer and you paying nothing. Take advantage of this limited-time offer for estate agent referrals, friends, and family in Peterborough.
  • 5. No Upfront Conveyancing Costs Unlike many Peterborough conveyancers or conveyancing solicitors, AVRillo Conveyancing won't charge you any upfront deposit for your Peterborough conveyancing costs. We fund all the expenses out of our own pocket and only invoice you at the end of the transaction.
  • 6. Don't waste 5 to 6 months in conveyancing delays; move in 2 to 3 months. Delaying your property move increases the risk of not moving at all. Individual circumstances may change the timescales to completion, but we will continuously update you as and when such delays are encountered. The UK average is 5 to 6 months. Our average is 2 to 3 months. The time from instruction and full details within the memorandum of sale from the estate agent, to completion of a sale or purchase of a freehold standard property (with no complications or defects) will depend on various different factors, examples include how proactive and fast you are in collaboration with your own conveyancer, with dealing with requests from the other party's conveyancers, your ability to pass AML, if there is an unusual circumstance or defects arise, or if there is a leasehold and the landlord or management company delay, or if there is a mortgage lender involved and their responses or required steps are delayed or if there is a delay in the chain etc.
  • 7. Trusted by Thousands - 3000 Googe/Trustpilot Reviews Rely on our proven track record to reduce conveyancing stress. Our 2000 5-star Google and Trustpilot reviews and multi-conveyancing gold award speak for themselves. Peterborough residents trust us for our excellent conveyancing services and affordable property buying or selling process.
  • 8. Specialised Conveyancing Collaboration With AVRillo Conveyancing, experience conveyancing innovation that gets the job done. Our conveyancers and solicitors who work in AVRillo's focus solely on conveyancing, eliminating potential distractions with firms who do other work too; ensuring a mindset of quick, practical solutions.
  • 9. Stay Informed Throughout Your Move Worried about communication gaps with your conveyancer? AVRillo Conveyancing invests millions in advanced communication tools like online history screens, e-signing of documents, client and estate agency portals, regular WhatsApp, automated updates, and 24/7 live case tracking.
  • 10. Conveyancing Expertise in Peterborough We have staff of 100 employees focused on delivering the best conveyancing services for Peterborough property sales. With 25 years trading we have earned multiple awards including three consequent Best Sunday Times Conveyancing Gold, making us one of the top choice for buyers and sellers.
  • 11. Find the Best Conveyancing for property in Peterborough When searching for 'conveyancing solicitors near me' or 'Conveyancing Peterborough,' AVRillo Conveyancing stands out as the best choice. Our unique ways to save on conveyancing costs and record 95% move success rate make us UK best conveyancer award winner on multiple occasions.

*according to OnTheMarket data (OTM is one of the top 3 UK property portals alongside Rightmove and Zoopla).

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