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The story of people over profit

The story began 25 years ago when the Piccirillo brothers were so fed up with how badly solicitors were letting down sellers and buyers that they started their own firm of solicitors. By putting people over profit, they have invested millions making their clients x8 more likely to move than anywhere else.

Growing from just two brothers to 100 experts, their family firm has been voted Sunday Times Best Conveyancers for a reason: moving a record 95% of clients compared to a 39.8% failure rate for sellers and buyers using other conveyancers nationally.

Conveyancers and Conveyancing Solicitors in Oxford

Looking for the best conveyancers in Oxfordshire, England? AVRillo has been in operation for over 25 years, and has specialist conveyancers and residential conveyancing solicitors covering Oxford and the surrounding areas to offer you the best legal advice on property buying and selling. During this time, we have overseen thousands of conveyancing transactions, including those in Oxford and the surrounding areas.

We’re experts in Conveyancing and know how Conveyancing works in Oxford. We’re here every step of the way to give you a thorough overview of all the legal procedures involved in your property transfer and help you through all the steps necessary for completing on your dream home or sale.

Oxford Conveyancers and Conveyancing Solicitors

So, how are we different from other conveyancing lawyers out there? Well, here is why we should be your go-to choice when buying or selling a house:

  • The only conveyancers in Oxford with a 60-day free trial, and a 100% money-back guarantee. As leading property conveyancers in Oxford, we are the only lawyers to offer a 60-day free trial to all our clients across all our conveyancing services. No more buyer's remorse. Just don’t pay us if you find it cheaper or aren't 100% happy. That's right, change your mind, not a penny paid for our costs…zilch, nada, rien! Nothing means nothing in any language! No charges, no questions, no fuss. So there’s no risk for you to give us a try!
  • No deposit for costs taken upfrontWe work differently from many other Oxford conveyancing solicitors that take deposits upfront for our legal costs. Instead we’ll carry your costs to the end. We only send you our fees invoice when you complete.
  • Transparent conveyancing fees and conveyancing quote estimates in OxfordWe won't include optional services you may not need on your quote. Instead you only pay for the Oxford conveyancing services you use, making your costs even cheaper. All of our costs and fees are listed upfront in our terms and conditions before our clients instruct. This way you can estimate what to expect at the end. We think that all our clients deserve to know what they are paying for, which is why we do our best to inform them of all optional fees upfront, in our terms of business. We think this should be standard practice across all conveyancing firms.
  • We are a reputable conveyancerAVRillo has become the conveyancing lawyer of choice for UK buyers and sellers, including many Oxford residents, because of our award-winning service. Trust our 'Best Conveyancer' award by The Sunday Times and over 3000 combined 5* Trustpilot & Google reviews to guarantee you'll be in safe hands if you run into trouble. It's why clients come back and refer us to their family and friends too.
  • More collaboration, less risk of not movingA common complaint is no lawyer collaboration. Not with us. We’ve won Gold here too because we speak with your estate agent, allowing us both to push your case faster. Working closely is also how we reduce your risk of not moving at all.  
  • Easiest Conveyancing in Oxford

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No ‘ifs or buts’ about us. Just try us for free with our 60 day money-back guarantee.

The ONLY conveyancers in Oxford with a 100% money-back guarantee. Out of all the conveyancing firms in Oxford, we are the only conveyancers in Oxford confident to offer this risk-free guarantee.At AVRillo we rely on your word-of-mouth recommendation, so we won’t let you down. We do this by working very differently to create the most secure move rate in the UK at 95%. We’re the UK’s only conveyancers to offer a money-back guarantee. No more buyer’s remorse. Just don’t pay us if you find it cheaper or aren’t 100% happy. That’s right, change your mind, not a penny paid for our costs…zilch, nada, rien! Nothing means nothing in any language! No charges, no questions, no fuss. So there’s no risk for you to give us a try!

We genuinely want to keep you happy. So…

1 If you’re not happy with our service, you get your money back.
2 If you’re not happy with our lawyers, you get your money back.
3 If you’re not happy with our work, you get your money back.

Why do customers choose us?

Save thousands with our 95% success rate compared to 37% failure rate elsewhere

Sellers and buyers lose thousands of pounds in wasted fees and property prices changes because they’re not guaranteed to move until exchange. So the faster your lawyer works, the more chance of you moving, and the more money you save.

Story of People over Profit.

We put people first because if we were in your shoes we wouldn’t want to gamble losing thousands of pounds on the average UK lawyer whose fall through rate is 37%. Instead, in 1998 two brothers co-founded AVrillo, with the sole intent of putting people over profit by invested their profit into hiring some of the best legal brains as well as building a cutting edge system; which together now virtually guarantees every client’s move.

You don’t need to gamble, not anymore.

That’s because as a family owned firm, we don’t have to answer to shareholders but can decide to spend on our clients instead. By hiring the best, we’ll find the best practical solutions to cut through red tape rather than involving our clients in messy expensive arguments with the other lawyers which cause the 300,000 sales that fail every year, even after lawyers are instructed.

More speed, less risk.

The more your lawyer delays, the more risk of you falling to move. Last year 1 in 3 UK cases were aborted.

We’ve rewritten the story of the hare and the tortoise because as tortoises we’re cautious enough to find problems you need to sort out, but as hares, we’re nimble enough to find practical solutions to these fast, at the very start. not towards the end when most conveyancers scramble around to try and fix it when it’s too late. That’s how we complete in half the time (2 to 3 months, not 5 to 6 months with lawyers UK average).

Award-winning communication, won’t leave you in the dark.

Are you worried about not getting through to your lawyer? You should be. The biggest complaint against lawyers is poor communication leading to frustrations in the chain and 37% abortive sales. Not with our award-winning communication. We provide free automatic updates, online e-document signatures (cutting months of delay), a 24/7 live portal (know where you are and what to do); texts; WhatsApps  messages; telephone and video calls too. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. You can even book a call surgery directly online into your lawyer’s personal diaries.

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AVRillo conveyancing FAQS in Oxford, England - All your local conveyancing FAQs answered

Why buy in Oxford with a lawyer that knows the Oxford property market?

Oxford is one of the biggest and most popular cities in England. It is the only city in Oxfordshire. According to the last census, the city had a population of 152,450. This city is about 56 miles to the northwest of London, the capital city of England. This city is also home to one of the most popular and oldest universities globally, Oxford University. The most popular attractions in Oxford are the people’s culture here, sport, media, religion, and entertainment. This city is home to most museums like the Ashmolean Museum and the University Museum of Natural History. Oxford is a green city in England with several parks and nature walks found within the ring road. It is home to over 28 nature reserves. If you plan to move to Oxford, you can get a property solicitor to help you out. The average property price in this city is £477,626.

How do I choose the most reliable conveyancer in Oxford?

You should not just go for any conveyancer. It is essential to make an informed choice. Remember that this person will be handling your house transfer. If anything goes wrong in the process, you could be fined or lose your hard-earned money. The local standard for conveyancing is very high. Therefore, your choice should be equally outstanding. 

Here are ten questions you ought to ask yourself when choosing a conveyancer:

  • Can they offer a cost-effective and competitive valuation?
  • Do they have good customer reviews and testimonials that show that previous customers were satisfied with their work?
  • When you call them, is the team responsive and helpful? Do they respond to your queries promptly?
  • Are there any outstanding complaints against the conveyancer or the firm by former customers or governing bodies? Note that a complaint could be anything from delayed settlement to fraud in handling funds.
  • What technology do they use to make the whole process less tedious?
  • Will they be available for contact throughout the house transfer, and how will we receive updates?
  • Do they employ GPs (Guaranteed completion dates) as part of their service? Do they provide any other measures to ensure that your house transfer is done within a determined time frame?
  • Can you expect them to provide continuous support even after receiving your keys and moving into the property?
  • Do they have other additional costs which may be incurred during the transaction? Can these be estimated at an early stage, so you’re aware of all eventualities in advance?
  • Can the conveyancer provide you with samples of their work before you commit to them? You should get a feel for how they deal with matters and if their business style matches your expectations.

How long does the property conveyancing process take in Oxford?

The time taken to sell a property depends on many variables including, demand for similar properties in the area, legal complications that may arise from ownership questions, pricing and more. An average house sale can take anywhere between 8 and 14 weeks. To fasten the transfer process:

  • Get your finances and mortgage in order. This way, you can move forward with the transaction quickly.
  • Get your conveyancers on board as early as possible. They will help speed up the process by working with other parties involved to schedule all documentation and forms. You should also make sure they are licensed for conveyancing practice in Oxford.
  • Book for house checks in advance to avoid a last-minute rush.

Is the contamination search necessary in Oxford?

Yes. You should never purchase a house without doing your due diligence. If you hire our services, we will do all that to determine how clean the land is. 

If you do not consider this search when buying a property, it might cost you thousands of losses when disposing of it. When your potential buyer does an environmental investigation and finds contamination, your property value will decrease. The cost of selling such a house will be higher as you may be required to hire consultants and contractors who specialise in dealing with such matters.

How do I reduce transfer costs in Oxford?

You can lower your conveyancing fees by doing these simple things:

  • Minimise delays where possible – Ensure that you have done everything possible before starting the sale so that there is no delay at any stage during the transaction.
  • Ensure your property or house is in good condition if you are the seller – Ensure that the house is clean, has no leaks and all necessary repairs are done before you go to the market to avoid having to incur further expenses.
  • Find an experienced conveyancer – A qualified conveyancer will be aware of legal pitfalls and minimise delays by steering clear of them. They will also know the best practices required for the completion of your sale. You will use lower costs as there is less likelihood of mistakes or revisions to forms being made again, which would have incurred extra charges.

What happens if I submit stamp duty forms late?

You will be fined for the late submission of the forms. Your conveyancer should help you complete the forms correctly and guide you through submitting them before your deadline. 

The penalty for late submission is 10% of the stamp duty value (maximum £300). The fine applies to documents submitted late by up to 12 months. For a late submission done between 12 and 24 months, the penalty is 20%. A 30% fine is applied for those submitted after 24 months.

Do I need a conveyancer for a gift or inheritance property?

You don’t need a conveyancer to complete the transfer of an inheritance or gift property. However, you should appoint one to stay on the safe side and avoid a lot of paperwork. A professional conveyancer will ensure that the process is done correctly and according to legal requirements.

Why do I need to provide my source of funds when buying a house?

The government has introduced this requirement so that there is transparency in the housing system. The move aims to address money laundering and potential terrorist abuse of ‘offshore’ investment. 

If you are doing the transfer with us, we will send you a questionnaire. We will require you to fill in your financial details such as occupation, savings, source of income and so forth. Please note that we do not enjoy digging into your finances. We are only following government policies, so do not be offended.