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Finding the most qualified and experienced property lawyers to hold your hand when buying property in Newcastle is not that easy. You need a conveyancer who is trusted and credible to take you through the conveyancing process.

A conveyancer you can count on should have been around for years, made billions of deals, and earned an excellent reputation in the industry. AVRillo is that one conveyancer you should call if you want to move to Newcastle and other locations in the UK.

Why should you consider AVRillo?

  • Licensed conveyancers If you buy land or a new home in Newcastle, you have to do all the paperwork and follow the legal procedures before paying for the property. An experienced and licensed conveyancer is all you need to go through the process successfully.

    AVRillo has been around for many years, gaining the experience and expertise to transact any property in the UK. We are licensed and approved by the Law Society and the Council of Licensed Conveyancers.
  • Money-back guarantee When you come to AVRillo, we promise quality and reliable conveyancing services. It means you can always count on us for any amount you pay for the services. We have a money-back guarantee for all our clients.

    If you are not satisfied with our services, you are free to ask for a refund of your money. We give you a 30 days free trial of our services. Once we refund you your payment, you keep all the services we have offered you all this time, and we lose at the end. We are here to make you happy and move you in the shortest time possible.
  • Enhanced communication The best quality of an online conveyancer is the ability to communicate with the clients all the time. When there are issues that require your immediate attention, the conveyancer should be able to address them or give you a call.

    At AVRillo, we communicate with our clients through direct phone calls, emails, live chat, and messages. We engage with you throughout the conveyancing process to ensure everything you want is sorted out. We don’t leave any stone unturned when moving your property in the UK.
  • Saves you money AVRillo is not just your ordinary conveyancer in the UK. With many years of service in the industry, we have learned the best methodology to offer conveyancing services to our clients and save them money. There are many reasons why you should opt for our conveyancing services.

    We know that the longer it takes to complete your move, the more you spend. We, therefore, save you time and move your property in just two months. This is way below the UK average of 5 months.

    We don’t charge you any upfront costs when you reach out for our services. It means we get going as soon as you instruct our team of property lawyers. We save you money and time, giving you the best conveyancing services you can get all over the UK.

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Conveyancing Process in Newcastle, Northeast England: FAQs

When should I contact a licensed conveyancer in Newcastle?

If you live in Newcastle and plan to buy a new home, land, or other properties, you should not hesitate to contact a conveyancing lawyer. For instance, if you are buying or selling a new home, you should contact or instruct your conveyancing solicitor before you list the property in the market or accept an offer from anyone.

A property lawyer will help you with all the paperwork and perform all the searches and checks on the property before you sign the contract.

What services should I expect from a licensed conveyancer?

You should reach out to a licensed conveyancer if you need help with the following services:

  • Remortgaging
  • Buying and selling land
  • Buying and selling a new home
  • Extension of lease
  • Transfer of equity
  • Processing title deeds for your property

A licensed conveyancer is trained and qualified to take you through all the conveyancing transactions professionally. You can handle all the underlying issues on a property before you buy or sell it if you hire a conveyancer to take you through the process.

How long will it take me to buy or sell my property in the UK?

It takes a maximum of 5 months to move your property to the UK. That is the UK average time for moving. However, when you reach out to experienced conveyancers like AVRillo, you should expect to move in less than eight weeks. AVRillo saves you time when you buy or sell home or land in the UK.

Your conveyancer can speed up the conveyancing process by processing all the required legal documents and doing relevant checks and searches on time. You have to cooperate with your conveyancer and avail all the information and documents they ask of you at the right time if you want to speed up the move.

How do I know you’re the right conveyancer to hire?

You should first find out about your conveyancer is whether they are licensed and approved to operate in your locality. Working with a licensed conveyancer means you won’t have any issues with the local council when processing your legal documents. 

Also, the right conveyancer to hire engages you throughout the conveyancing process. Therefore, the conveyancer should have a customer care team to easily reach out to when you have issues with your move.  

The conveyancer should work with you to complete all the domestic conveyancing processes in the shortest time without any inconveniences. When hiring a conveyancer, you should find out if he or she has experience in the following areas:

  • Organizing for a stamp duty
  • understanding home buyer’s survey and checks
  • Checking property boundaries
  • communicate with estate agents
  • Drafting of contracts

When you trust a licensed conveyancer like AVRillo, you are confident that your conveyancing process will go through without any serious issues arising.

How much will I spend when conveyancing in Newcastle?

How much you spend on conveyancing depends on the property you are buying. The disbursement fees involved, and how much your conveyancer is charging for its services. 

You should therefore confirm how much you are likely to pay, for instance, on Stamp Duty, before you can proceed to instruct your property lawyer.

Additionally, how long it takes to move a property may also determine the amount you spend. You should always instruct your property lawyer to start processing all the documents on time if you want to speed up the move and save some money.

What are the conveyancing stages in Newcastle?

Conveyancing is a process that takes time. For instance, if you are buying a new home in the UK, you are more likely to go through the following stages before you gain access to the property:

  • Pre-exchange stage – At this stage, you arrange for the mortgage, you have the property surveyed, and all the contracts to the property drawn.
  • Exchange of contracts: Here, you can discuss the completion date with the seller’s conveyancer and what deposit you should pay.
  • Completion – This is when you collect the keys to the house from the selection of the property.
  • Post-completion – On this final stage, the stamp duty fee is paid, and all the deeds to the property are handed over to the conveyancer for safekeeping.

How does joint ownership of property work?

If you buy any property in the UK, you can own it as a joint tenant or tenants in common. For joint tenant ownership, you own the property equally. In this case, the property becomes owned solely by the survivor if one of you dies. 

For the case of tenants in common, you own the property in specified shares, for instance, 70:30 or 50:50. If one of you dies, the shares are passed according to the terms of the will.

Is it important to have a survey of the property?

If you want to avoid any nasty issues that may erupt later, you should obtain a survey of the property you want to buy. The mortgage company should carry out a valuation, which satisfies that the value of the property and the loan issued is reasonable.

There are many types of surveys you can carry out on the property you are buying. For an older and bigger property, you can always opt for a building survey.

How does the conveyancing chain work?

There is likely a chain of people whose transactions depend on each other when buying or selling a property. It means you have to wait until everyone on the chain is ready to exchange the contract and agree on a completion date so that the entire chain can move together.

Can I pull out of the contract?

Yes, you can pull out of the property sales of purchase if the contract has not been exchanged. Once you have exchanged the contract with the seller, it is legally binding, and you have to complete the transaction. 

A contract is legally binding to both seller and buyer. If you breach the contract, you attract a financial penalty.

What is the difference between completion and exchange?

The completion date is the day when you move to your new home or gain access to the property you just bought. This date is usually outlined in the contract. Exchange is when both the buyer and seller agree to complete the sale of a property on a specified date and price. An exchange will always take place at least two weeks before the completion date.

What should my conveyancer do before the exchange of contracts?

These are some of the activities your conveyancer should engage in if they are exchanging property in Newcastle:

  • Obtain the mortgage offer from the lender
  • Order for searches and checks
  • Checking the survey results
  • Negotiating the price
  • Checking the title deeds
  • Making the deposit available
  • Liaising with a chain to get a completion date

If the sale falls through, what costs will I pay?

Not all sales will go through as planned. In case a sale falls off, you are likely to meet some costs. It is important to ask your property lawyer or conveyancer about this if you plan to buy property. 

Some firms offer a ‘no-move, no fee’, but you have to check what that means to your contract with your conveyancer. For instance, does it mean you have to pay for insurance to be eligible for this?

How do I get feedback from my conveyancer?

You can only tell if your conveyancer is experienced and successful, as they claim, by reading their reviews.

Before you hire a conveyancer, you should research online to find out what their clients say about their services. If your conveyancer claims to have a high success rate and years of experience to handle your case, you want to confirm the reviews you read. 

The conveyancer should not have a problem showing some of their customer testimonials or directing you somewhere you can get their reviews.

When do you pay conveyancing fees?

Always confirm with your conveyancer when you will be expected to pay your conveyancing fees. For some companies, you have to pay upfront before the services are offered, while others require that you pay on the exchange of contract or completion date.

Sometimes your conveyancer will ask that you pay a deposit before you start. Others will also require that you settle the bill for the disbursements as they arise. How much you pay and at what point you pay will always vary from firm to firm. You want to find out when the payment is due to make arrangements to avoid any delays.

When do I get the deeds to the property?

You get the deeds to the property you buy after the completion date. Nowadays, most deeds are held electronically at the Land Registry. However, your conveyancer should help you get all the necessary support documents you will need if you are selling the property in the future.