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Both Tony and Angelo have been trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) by some of the top coaches in the world, including Tony Robbins and Christopher Howard. Both qualified as expert NLP Master Practitioners they bring energy, motivation and fun to their talks. They have spoken at various conferences, including as Key Note speakers.

They are called on both from the estate agency and legal industry to attend these conferences, as they have owned and run businesses in each sector, giving them a unique perspective and slant on getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

They are happy to share their secrets on how they have built AVRillo from a two man company into the worlds most awarded conveyancing solicitor firm, including Winners of The Sunday Times Best UK Conveyancer; Gold at The Negotiator Awards; 12th spot in The Guardian’s Top 100 Great Places to Work; Gold for Training; Gold for Client Care; Gold for Best Property Team.

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Multiple Gold Awards for Best Training Company in the Country, AVRillo offer an insightful approach to teaching practical courses. With lessons you can take away, start using straight away, and work.

Their passion and energy for helping others get the best results in business and for themselves is contagious and effective.

People come away with a real buzz and a renewed sense of purpose and task focused when they attend the course.

Tony and Angelo Piccirillo both learnt their craft under some of the best NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioners in the world, including Tony Robbins and Christopher Howard.

Indeed both Tony and Angelo are NLP Master Practitioner themselves and have an knack of making difficult learning, fun. They have spoken at various courses, to both estate agents and lawyers.

Their expertise in running one of the most successful small business in the country, means they have gone through the same pain as most estate agents, and have come out the other end. As a result their courses are valuable to any small business.

With awards such as Investors in People, Wow Awards for customer experiences, The Guardian’s Top 100 Great Places to Work, they are able to find solutions to many business day to day problems.

  • Anti-Money Laundering musts for estate agents
  • Sales progression is an art
  • How to grow loyal staff internally and why they make good business
  • How to build a multi award winning business
  • Conveyancing Academy. Levels 1,2 and 3
  • NLP, the KEY to the property industry
  • Success is within your reach; simple tips from the world’s top business gurus
  • Why solicitors hate taking your calls, and how you can get them to call you!

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Estate Agency Forum

Non-competing estate agency owners are invited for quarterly power sessions with ‘take always’ which have a direct impact on their company’s bottom line.

This has proven successful because the attendees understand the realities of business are not always pretty. They speak openly about common problems; sharing ideas and solutions, chaired by estate agency and business experts, with topics ranging from keeping staff, team motivation, service and other day to day management issues, which will give business owners more ROI from their cash investment, and making more money to invest in their business and their pocket.

Those participating come away with a renewed energy and focus of new ideas to push, develop and improve their business.


Leasehold Guide

Written by Angelo Piccirillo & Tony Piccirillo

Complex, convoluted, confusing. All words used to describe a leasehold conveyancing - and that’s just what the lawyers say! Many will freeze at the mere thought of you presenting them with a leasehold sale or purchase. Some may actually refuse to take it on. So, where does that leave you?

With the potential of your conveyancing solicitor getting it wrong and you losing potentially thousands of pounds as well as being involved in defective title as well as missing rights and restrictions affecting your property.

Don’t be too harsh on your lawyer though. They have to work with leasehold concepts that date back to the Norman Conquest of 1066; not even lawyers are that old!

The best advice is to find a solicitor who specialises in leases. They can help you save thousands of pounds.

This guide will help you avoid you being one of the 215,000 of conveyancing cases that fail to complete annually across the UK.

It will help you de-mystify the leasehold process with sections from: What is the difference between a leasehold and freehold, what extra stages and work are needed in leasehold conveyancing, to complications you need to overcome to get to get to completion.

By understanding more, you can better talk and collaborate with your lawyer, get to a faster and more successful move and reduce not only your cost but also the anxieties, frustrations and delays normally associated with leasehold property.


Conveyancing Guide

Written by Angelo Piccirillo & Tony Piccirillo

Buying and selling a home is the second most stressful experience in life. It’s emotional, expensive and time consuming. Despite this, the legal process of 'conveyancing' has remained largely unchanged for over a hundred years. Critics accuse it of being broken, slow and with no certainty of a guaranteed move.

With 1 in 3 sales - 215,000 to be exact - falling through every year, the consumer risks losing thousands of pounds in duplicated fees, as well as months of wasted time.

This easy guide helps you choose the right team at the start and get the very best out of them.

Tips include how to cut through conveyancing jargon and red tape, being prepared for your lawyer's legal questions, understanding their explanations, what commercial views they should allow you take, how to pass their anti-money-laundering rules, how to avoid delays and even useful workflows for a typical sale or purchase.

This guide gives you a degree of control over whether you successfully move, as well as reducing your risk of financial loss.