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AVRillo is a trading name of AVRillo LLP. Accordingly references in the Legal Notices and elsewhere on this website to “AVRillo” mean A V Rillo LLP.

AVRillo LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales with registered number: OC328134. Its registered office is:

257 Green Lanes,
N13 4XE

AVRillo LLP is registered for VAT purposes with VAT registration number GB 706444054.

AVRillo LLP is regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers under the Practice Licence number: 3421.

The registered Partners are:

  • Antonino Piccirillo. Solicitor. Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales, Regulated by the SRA, ID No. 154187.
  • Angelo Piccirillo. Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales, Regulated by the SRA, ID No; 143982.
  • Josephine Piccirillo.
  • Rossana Piccirillo.

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Complaints Procedure and the CLC (Council of Licenced Conveyancers).

We will do our best to meet your objective of buying your property and act in accordance with the professional standard expected of a reasonably competent conveyancer).

However, if there is an occasion where you feel that we have not met those standards, then you have the right to complain to the CLC (in which case we do have an internal complaints procedure which the CLC encourages you to explore first).  In the unlikely event that you have a complaint, then please notify me, and I will send you our internal complaint procedure.The CLC have a ‘Reporting Problems’ link on their website (  It explains that:

“Practices regulated by The CLC are bound to comply with the Regulatory Arrangements which set out the professional standards we expect of all firms and individuals.  However, if you have not received the standard of service you could reasonably expect, you should complain to your lawyer.  If you are not satisfied with how they deal with your complaint – or they have not responded within eight weeks of you submitting the complaint – you can complain to the independent Legal Ombudsman.”

Our Complaints Policy/ Procedure

AVRillo is committed to providing a high-quality legal service to all our clients, and whilst we aim to provide the highest standards of service, we recognise that, as with any other service provider, misunderstandings can sometimes arise. If you have a complaint you please notify us immediately. Rest assured, we won’t get offended and it will not compromise your case, but actually help it along. We prefer to know as it will help better help resolve complaints. The slower you report, the more risk of your complaint not getting fully resolved because memories fade. The more time that elapses the more risk there is. Simply notify your individual lawyer by email, and copy your complaint to the complaints partner Mr. A V Piccirillo on It gives us the best opportunity to ensure things run smoother in the future, and give us the best chance of keeping you happy. An early complaint will allow for a contemporaneous investigation and get a really understand of how you feel, and why, at the very time you have that feeling.

Do you need to notify us of your complaint, and how?

Yes, and in writing for many reasons to benefit you, as well as your lawyer, in order to resolve this for you. Firstly, so that we can fully understand and review your complaint and give it the time it justified. Secondly, because The Legal Ombudsman is unable to investigate a complaint until you have first complained to your lawyer, i.e. AVRillo. They will only review your complaint after you and AVRillo have gone through our internal complaint’s procedure.

As AVRillo is regulated by the Council of Licenced Conveyancers (CLC) we want to inform you that our governing body, the CLC, has a reporting section on their website which provides more information about the complaints process. Our internal process is set out below, and note, any change any of timescales will also be notified.

Next steps in the complaint procedure

  1. Within four working days of receipt of your initial complaint, we will write to acknowledge your complaint.
  2. Within four working days of receipt of your initial complaint we will notify you of the complaints procedure.
  3. Within four working days of receipt of your initial complaint, we will appoint and notify you, the person who will be dealing with your complaint.
  4. Within four working days of receipt of your initial complaint, we will ask you to set out your fully detailed written complaint, set out full facts, dates, evidence in support of your complaint, how this has impacted you, what you want us to do to resolve this for you etc.
  5. Within five working days of receipt of your fully detailed considered written complaint (as per aforesaid in step 5) AVRillo will pass your letter and evidence you send, to the investigating complaint partner appointed on your behalf.
  1. Within four working days of the investigating partner receiving that fully detailed complaint, they will ask the conveyancer who acted for you, to prepare a full report for the partner to consider.
  2. Your individual conveyancer then has five working days for them to of the partner being passed over your complaint.
  3. Upon receipt of this report (by close business on the 5th working day) the investigating partner will then start their examining of your conveyancers report. This can take between 3 to 5 working days. During this time they will also make arrangements to speak to your conveyancer as part of the examination.
  4. After expiry of the three to five working days in step 9 above (this being an overall total of 17 to 20 working days (counted steps5 to 9) the investigating partner will commence preparation of their reply in respect of his findings, to your full detailed complaint, in step 5. Note. This may take slightly more, depending on the complexity of the complaint, issues involved and response, but we will notify you if this is the case.
  5. When the investigating partner writes or calls you they will confirm the outcome of his investigation and, if possible, put forward suggestions for resolving the matter, if available.
  6. If at receipt of those suggestions you wish to speak to investigating partner by way of a formal telephone meeting or a meeting in person, then within two working days of you making known to them, they will write to you invite formal arrangements for mutually convenient time and date [agreeable by both parties] for a meeting either by telephone or in person to take place at our offices.
  7. Appeal. After the mutually agreed meeting in step 12 (possibly step 11 if the outcome was made to you by telephone) has been arranged and taken place, if you are still not satisfied you can write to us again stating your full written reasons for your appeal, referring to our findings.
  8. Within four working days of receipt of your appeal, we will appoint another partner to review the initial investigating partner’s decision.
  9. That partner then has 10 working days to review your appeal against initial investigating partner’s decision.
  10. That subsequently appointed partner then have 5 working days to send out to you their findings on your appeal. They will explain their reasons for their findings. They will also give you the name and the address of the Legal Ombudsman. If you are still not satisfied, you can contact them about your complaint.
  11. If we have to change any of the timescales above, we will let you know and explain why. Note also, public holiday or periods when the firm is closed, for example over Christmas, do not count towards the time periods, nor where circumstances beyond our control come into effect, so for example where the person/s involved in your investigation are away from the office, such as sickness etc.
  12. What happens after the internal complaint’s procedure has completed?
    1. If after following the appeals process you remain dissatisfied with any aspect of our handling of your complaint, you may contact directly the Legal Ombudsman to ask them to consider the complaint further: Unless it agrees there are good reasons not to do so, the Legal Ombudsman will expect you to allow us to consider and respond to your complaint in accordance with the procedure set out above in the first instance. You can refer your complaint up to 6 months after you have received our final written response to your complaint. You can also use the Ombudsman service if we have not resolved your complaint within 8 weeks of us receiving it. A complaint can be referred to the Legal Ombudsman up to six years from the date of the act or omission or up to 3 years after discovering a problem. The ombudsman deals with service-related complaints; any conduct-related complaints will be referred to the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.Contact details for the Legal Ombudsman are: Tel: 0300 555 0333 Email: Website: Address: The Legal Ombudsman, PO Box 6806, Wolverhampton, WV1 9WJ.
    2. You can also refer your complaint to an Alternative Dispute Resolution body under the Alternative dispute resolution directive. You can ask them to mediate and try to resolve the complaint if it is not resolved by our internal complaint’s procedure. Alternative complaints bodies include one of the following: Ombudsman Services, ProMediate and ADR Group which are competent to deal with complaints about legal services should both you and our firm wish to use such a scheme. So, for example, you can address your complaint for ADR mediation to ProMediate Legal Complaints Service. They are competent to deal with complaints against legal services providers and can be used if you and AVRillo agree to that scheme. Their website is You simply write to us to confirm either that you do agree to use the ProMediate or you do not agree to use ProMediate. Their contact details are: 0203 621 3908 OR 0782 796 1764 OR You can also contact other ADR Group and review their website for similar details.
    3. Difference between contacting the Council of Licenced Conveyancers or the Legal Ombudsman?  The Legal Ombudsman could help you if you are not happy with your lawyer’s work or service and need to put things right.  The Council for Licenced Conveyancers can help you if you think a property lawyer might be dishonest or you have concerns about their behaviour ( actual complaint form to CLC can be found at: or by email to: or by post to: CLC WeWork, 131 Finsbury Pavement, London EC2A 1NT
    4. If you make a valid claim against us for a loss arising out of work for which we are legally responsible, and we are unable to meet our liability in full, you may be entitled to claim from the Compensation Fund administered by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (from whom details can be obtained).

Contact Information

If you have any questions in relation to this policy please contact us at:

Mr Tony or Mr Angelo Piccirillo
257 Green Lanes,
N13 4XE

Telephone: 0208 370 3877
Fax: 0208 362  1705