8 Tips To Choose The Right Conveyancing Solicitor

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Are you looking forward to buying property this year? When moving property in London or other cities, you will need the help of a dedicated property solicitor in your city.

You should consider more when choosing your conveyancing solicitor apart from the fees they charge you. Find out how the solicitor is rated in the industry and whether they are licensed to work in your city or not.

Here we look at some of the factors you should consider when choosing your conveyancing solicitor in the UK

1- What fee is the solicitor charging?

Find out the amount your conveyancing solicitor will charge you based on the service they offer. In most cases, your solicitor will charge you fees depending on the location and the reputation they already have in the industry. For instance, a high street solicitor is likely to charge you more on fees than your local conveyancing solicitor.

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You are likely to spend more on a conveyancing solicitor when buying a new home. Therefore you want to ensure you can meet the solicitor’s fees and include them in your budget. 

Note that when choosing your conveyancing solicitor, you should not go for the cheapest fees in the market. The truth is that if the price or fees they charge is too low than you expected, they are likely to be offering poor services.

2- Are the solicitors on your mortgage lenders panel?

When buying any property in London through a lender, you are likely to take a mortgage if you can pay in cash. When you reach out to a mortgage lender, they will usually have a list of solicitors they can work with within your locality.

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Therefore, you want to determine if your mortgage lender has listed and approved the conveyancing solicitor you want to hire. 

Also, you want to ensure the building society you are using to secure a mortgage has listed the solicitor you want to hire. If you realize that your solicitor is not registered with the mortgage lender, you should ask them to register before you start working with them.

3- What are the previous clients saying about the solicitor?

When you hire a conveyancing solicitor, you should check their testimonials and customer reviews. If the solicitor has a website, you should go through their publications to find out what their previous customers say about their services.

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You can also visit community platforms to find out what people are saying about the solicitor. Does the solicitor have a five-star rating on community platforms? You are likely to be in safe hands if you work with a solicitor who has positive reviews from clients they have worked with before.

4- Are the solicitors licensed?

If you are choosing a solicitor, you have to check their credentials. An experienced solicitor should have more skills to handle your conveyancing than a junior solicitor. Therefore, when hiring a solicitor, you should not be afraid to ask them about their credentials.

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Ask your solicitor about the qualifications they hold and whether they are members of a regulatory body in the country. A qualified solicitor should always demonstrate the ability to handle your conveyancing needs.

5- Are they recommended by your family and friends?

If you have a friend or family member who has moved property recently, you can ask them to refer you to a conveyancing solicitor they worked with.

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 When your family or friend recommends a solicitor to you, you should expect to have the best experience moving property. You would get the best services from this solicitor if your friends had the same. Also, you can remove them from your list if your friends do not recommend them for reliable services.

6- What is the location of the solicitor?

Knowing the local property industry is essential in speeding up the conveyancing process. Therefore, you want to hire a local solicitor who is well conversant with your location. When you hire a solicitor specialising in moving property in your location, you will likely take the shortest time moving property.

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 In most cases, your local conveyancer is abreast with the local news and developments in the property industry that may affect your property purchase. You speed up your property completion process when you hire a local solicitor to move your property.

7- Did your estate agent recommended the solicitor?

If you are moving property in any location, your local estate agent is more likely to recommend you a solicitor to work with. You should not fall into the trap of working with a solicitor who has any relationship with your estate agent.

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Today’s estate agents face profound financial challenges that they seek to negate by having agreements with solicitors. When an estate agent recommends a solicitor, it’s because they have a financial agreement. This means you are likely to get more expensive services than if you sought out a solicitor on your own.

8- Did you do a breakdown of the solicitor’s fees?

How much are you going to spend on conveyancing services when moving property? You should find out how the solicitor will charge for the services they offer. For instance, is the solicitor going to charge a fixed fee or a percentage of the property value? 

In most cases, if you are working with a solicitor from your estate agents side, they are going to charge you a percentage of the property value that you are buying, which can drive up the conveyancing fees, you will incur.

Final Thoughts 

If you are moving property, you will need a conveyancing solicitor with vast experience in your locality. Find out how much the solicitor charges for conveyancing and whether your mortgage lender has listed them.

You can always depend on your friends and family for recommendations on the best conveyancing solicitor in your location. Don’t forget to hire a conveyancing solicitor who communicates well with clients. Your solicitor should keep you up to date at every stage of the conveyancing. Always consider the factors in this article if you are choosing a conveyancing solicitor in the UK.


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