Conveyancing for estate agents

The Ultimate Guide To Conveyancing For Estate Agents

Thursday 27 April 2017  / 

As we rapidly approach the 2020s, it is clear that conveyancing for estate agents must be cutting-edge using state-of-the-art IT platforms and facilities. Finding the right partner in terms of a technically-driven conveyancing firm with a long-standing...

signing contract

What Does Conveyancing Do?


Conveyancing refers to the administrative and legal work which is needed to transfer the ownership title of a property from the seller to the purchaser. It is sought after by both buyer and seller. It is needed because as there are substantial funds at...

The conveyancing process

What Is The Conveyancing Process?


Knowing how the conveyancing process works, and unraveling what to many is confusing, is always a good idea, and helps buyers and sellers feel at ease with the process. These are the various steps in the conveyancing process involving a regular purchase...

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How To Get The Best Out Of A Conveyancing Partner


In order to get the best from a residential property conveyancer, you need to ensure that you have instructed a proactive cutting-edge conveyancing firm right from the get-go.As the legal considerations involved in property transactions can sometimes...

BPTW 2016

A Great Place To Work!

Friday 20 May 2016  / Ruth Montia

We are so happy and elated to announce that nationally we ranked 16th in the small business category for Best Workplaces 2016...We really are a family here at AV Rillo and we all support and motivate each other, so that we can maintain and increase...