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Carol Harrison-Francis

Thursday 08 October 2020  / 

Carol Harrison-Francis

AVRillo are pleased to welcome Carol Harrison-Francis to our team of dedicated conveyancers.

Carol is based in Northampton, and provides conveyancing services to clients in the Northamptonshire area including Bedford, Coventry, Kettering, Rugby and Wellingborough.

What makes Northamptonshire so Special?

I’ve lived in Northamptonshire most of my life, having moved here from Bedford when I was 4.  I love the beautiful countryside which we’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by.

Northamptonshire was historically the boot and shoe making capital of the world, whilst the heyday has gone, the famous Dr. Martens are still made in the village of Wollaston.

Northamptonshire is considered by many to be the home of motorsport.  Many of the top teams are based here as are some of the famous tracks including Silverstone, Rockingham Motor Speedway, and the dragstrip at Santa Pod Raceway.  I enjoy visiting them for various events throughout the year.

Northamptonshire’s location is its biggest draw, easily accessible to the major cities for a night out, or a bit of shopping.   Whilst the county’s road network makes it popular with many companies requiring access to the rest of the country.

What Do You Love about being a Conveyancer?

I have been working in the legal sector since 2003, starting as an assistant and working my way up to a senior conveyancer.  I’ve worked for different styles of companies during the last 17 years and have had the benefit of learning the best ways of working to achieve the best possible outcome and service for the client enjoy being able to help people through what can be a stressful time.

Clients excitement is infectious, and I love being able to tell client’s they’ve got the outcome they wanted.

What Makes Your Service Special?

I believe aside from my legal knowledge the most important thing I can offer my client’s is empathy. Everyone has a different reason for wanting to buy, or sell a house, and it’s important to be sensitive when dealing with everyone involved in a transaction and understand their particular circumstances.

I have a positive attitude and I believe in offering practical solutions to problems without bamboozling clients, and agents with legal jargon.

Many Conveyancers are often seen as rude, or dismissive, and I want to do all I can to ensure everyone I deal with has a positive experience and sees me as the complete opposite of the “traditional” conveyancer they may have experienced in the past

I have spent time forging positive relationships with agents, both locally, and nationally, and I think this helps the overall transaction.

What are Your Passions Other than being a Conveyancer?

I like to spend time with my family, friends and my 2 gorgeous French Bulldogs.  My husband and I have a camper van and love to get away for long weekends to the coast whenever we can.

I also love spending time on my dad’s narrow boat, preferably with stops at country pubs along the way, sadly the Frenchie’s are not fans of the water so this less than I’d like!

During lockdown I also got into gardening, and whilst it’s still trial and error, I very much enjoy making it look beautiful.

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If you are an Estate Agent looking for a conveyancer who gets results for your clients in the Northamptonshire area.  Talk to Carol at AVRillo.

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