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Land Registry Consults on Electronic Signatures

Friday 17 July 2020  / 

Electronic Signatures

The Law Gazette  recently reported that The Land Registry have begun a consultation on Electronic Signatures in Conveyancing.

Electronic Signatures are nothing new in fact they were approved for use in Land transactions through the Land Registration Act 2002 and were endorsed by the Law Commission last year.

The Land Registry says:

“It is obvious that the more digitally advanced sectors are those that have thrived in the last few months. Conveyancing is not one of those. It has some digital components, but they need to be joined up. Achieving a long-term, sustainable and secure means of signing property transactions would be a significant component of a wholly digital conveyancing process”

As a forward thinking firm AVRillo has engaged with Land Registry consultation and welcomes the introduction of technologies such as Electronic Signatures which make property transactions easier, faster and more secure for clients.

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