Why 1 saved sale beats 1 new client – each and every time

Friday 19 January 2018  / 

Imagine 37% of your sales fall through. That’s £37 out of every £100 of your costs already paid out with no revenue to offset it. That’s 37% of effort that you and your team put in for no reward. That’s 4 in every 10 of your clients frustrated and upset that their move hasn’t gone through for whatever reason – perhaps showering you with 37% more grief and negativity, telling their friends that you weren’t able to make it happen.

37% is the UK average fall-through rate from exchange to completion.

Then imagine 91% of your deals completing instead. £91 of every £100 of your costs generating a return on investment. 91% of your efforts rewarded with deals done and keys handed over. 9 out of every 10 of your clients delighted that you’ve made it happen and sharing their wonderful news with all and sundry.

That’s why your conveyancing partner matters. Are they going to go the extra mile, proactively chasing up and down the chains to ensure problems are spotted and sorted quickly? Or are they reactive – waiting for problems to surface, pushing a letter or email out then leaving at 5 or turning to the next case in a call centre conveyancing factory?

Each saved sale is better than a new client because you’ve already spent the money, done the work, made the relationship. Therefore, every sale that collapses takes with it pure profit. The flipside is that your profits will surge if you can find the right conveyancing partner that treats your clients as their own, has the same level of care as you do and understands that this is your business’ success – and your personal profit – that depends on their work.

Make sure your conveyancing partner has your profitability as their number one priority and is getting 91% conversion rather than losing 37%. It will make 2018 a very different year for you.


Angelo Piccirillo is the CEO and Co-Founder of AVRillo Conveyancers. He is joined by Richard Rawlings on a 13-location “Saving Sales, Protecting Fees” roadshow starting in Leeds, January 2018. Click here for further details.