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Syed Naqvi

Tuesday 07 March 2017  / 

it was a nice pleasure to cooperate with Syed Naqvi, selling our property in 42 Rowan Grove in Aveley_x000D_
as we are living in Belgium we are not familiar with the way of working in UK by the sale of a real estate._x000D_
the system of completion is not known in Belgium and this brought a lot of confusion_x000D_
we were very happy to have the cooperation of Syed Naqvi_x000D_
his patience and understanding is fabulous._x000D_
we are very gratefull_x000D_
without his assistance we never could realise this sale._x000D_
I wish Syed Naqvi all the success for the future and also the best for AVRillo_x000D_
you are great sollicitors and I will recommend them to all the persons involved in the real estate._x000D_
best regards_x000D_
philippe Ranson