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Anik Hussain

Tuesday 07 March 2017  / 

I have recently sold a property in London and purchased another in Devon. Anik dealt with both the transactions. It is fair to say that neither the sale or the purchase ran smoothly. Difficulties in the sale included a solicitor in the chain not forwarding deposit fees because she thought a bank charge was excessive whilst another solicitor failed to forward ‘completion funds’ causing the initial completion to fail. The sale was also fraught with difficulties. Parties would not agree on a completion date after arguments between developers and solicitors in the chain wanted to complete a ‘Licensed exchange’ when it was totally inappropriate (and probably unlawful) putting my purchase funds (lifetime savings) at considerable risk._x000D_
In relation to the sale problems Anik contacted the solicitor holding the funds and organised a stepped transfer of funds over a three day period as a solution to the problem. His team took action against the solicitor who failed to complete enabling the sale to go through._x000D_
In relation to the purchase Anik challenged other solicitors when they tried to impose a ‘licence contract’ where I would have paid a completion fee but not actually moved. Anik contacted the Law Society to clarify the legal position, articulated his findings to other solicitors and forced through a ‘normal contact which completely protected my financial position and allowed the deal to complete._x000D_
The entire process was amazing stressful. Anik made my numerous call and ‘cries for help’ appear important. His advice was calm, accurate, timely and entirely professional. As a ‘member of the public’ I have learnt that all solicitors are not equal. Anik is an asset not only to AVRillo but to his profession. Thank you for a great service.