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Angelo Piccirillo,Tony Piccirillo

Tuesday 07 March 2017  / 

I would like to take this opportunity to nominate the BEST bosses ever. It would of course be extremely difficult to explain the many and never ending reasons why all at once but what I can say is they are SIMPLY AMAZING to work for. Extremely caring, supportive and always pushing their staff to their very VERY best. Both Tony and Angelo are role models to me and many others, they are great leaders who inspire me. They say you should train staff so well that they will be great wherever they go but at the same time you should treat them so well that they would never want to go. That is exactly how it is for me and I really appreciate every second of their time that they have invested in pushing me to my best. In the Legal industry especially, it is very rare that you even see the partners of the firm and so to be like a family is beyond an amazing experience that many couldn’t even dream of. They always strive to get better and better and this is not just for the best of the firm but also as a person, the satisfaction of leaving work each day knowing the progression is never ending is beyond words. They are the most loveliest people you could meet and I am so grateful to be part of such an amazing team/family. Thank you.