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Ebru Kesen,Gamze Bakir,Shadi Toserkani

Thursday 23 February 2017  / 

I would like to share a story and nominate these 3 special people in particular…. Recently we have received a lovely comment from 2 different estate agents to say that they know when it is us on the phone due to the positive energy that we display. They mentioned how upbeat and great the tonality always is, and that it really goes to show how happy we are at work. They mentioned Shadi from our front face to say she always answers with the nicest tone each time they call. When Gamze called one of them for an update, he went on to stop her before she even mentioned where she was calling from to say “you don’t need to tell me I know where you are calling from just from your happy voice”. Ebru always demonstrates a positive attitude no matter what, always pleasant and a pleasure to have as a team member.This goes to show that we all reflect on one another and I would like to thank you all for displaying the AVRILLO values in this way on our way up to a world class service provider. Well done team.