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The Government Financial Task Force is about to get serious, Are you ready?

Thursday 19 May 2016  / Angelo Piccirillo

The UK financial regulator will prioritise a crackdown on money laundering – a problem highlighted by a recent leak of documents from an overseas law firm.

The Financial Conduct Authority said that if it found companies with weaknesses in their money laundering controls, it would use its enforcement powers to send a “deterrent message” and refer cases to law enforcement agencies.

Are you playing your part in preventing money laundering? Does everyone within your organisation take it serious enough, including your negs and other staff?

If not, the Financial Action Task Force is about to get serious. Already three estate agents based in London, Northamptonshire and Cardiff have been fined a total of £246,665 by the OFT and that does not include their loss of reputation and consequential financial loss.

Training is often complex, with technical boring language. Tony Piccirillo is different as he has 22 years of experience working with both estate agents and solicitors, and used to be an estate agent owner himself. He trains estate agents around the country, including video training for Richard Rawlings Agency Master Class. He was one of the first reporting officers in the UK and is an expert in his field. As an ex estate agent he uses ‘easy to understand examples and scenarios to guide you through the minefield of anti-money laundering risks for estate agents.

Tony is the Risk and Regulatory Compliance Training Partner at the Legal 500, No. 1 Conveyancing Firm in the UK (AV Rillo, as voted by The Times, The Sunday Time, The Negotiator awards and the LFS Legal industry awards).

If you want to know more, contact Tony on or phone him on 0208 370 3877.  He will happily chat things through for free on an initial consultation, whether you currently use AV Rillo or not.