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Traditional vs. Online Agents, which one would you choose?

Wednesday 06 January 2016  / Ruth Montia

Traditional vs online

In a survey conducted by Face For Business, it was found that out of 1,000 members of the public 60% of people would prefer to buy or sell a home through a traditional estate agent. This was due to characteristics associated to the traditional agents such as, access to local buyers, local market knowledge and the experience of knowing how to make most of a property’s USP’s. They also highlighted that strong communications and face to face interaction came up as strong positives for the traditional agents.
34% of the survey participants preferred an online service and  were characterised in the survey results as having lower fees, a wider reach and increased flexibility for sellers wanting to pick and choose different services. The survey  revealed that the age of the participant helped determine their decision with older individuals, with them favouring the traditional agencies.

The survey also investigated the most likely reasons for complaints;
Incorrect or unexpected fees,
Conflicting advice,
Ill-informed or unhelpful staff,
Difficulties getting through to agents or being kept waiting on the telephone.
This is an ongoing debate as techn0logy progresses, but it’s becoming clear through surveys that people will still prefer face to face interaction.