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New ‘Qoob’ App for viewing property

Tuesday 08 December 2015  / Ruth Montia

Qoob is a new app allowing people to use a smartphone to view homes put on the market by private sellers. The app has been created by technicians at the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences and it will also allow users to upload pictures of their home and create a listing instantly through their smartphone.

It describes itself as the home sellers’ and buyers’ equivalent of the dating app Tinder. If another Qoob user who wants to purchase a home likes a property, they can promptly communicate with the seller, arrange viewings and negotiate through the instant messaging service.

Qoob is also applicable for landlords who wish to upload details, so that potential tenants can spot them on the app and have direct contact to. The app is free to download and will mean that those using it would avoid any estate or letting agency fees and

Physicist Thomas Fink from the California Institute of Technology and Cambridge University and the creator of the app explains “Technology is putting the customer in control. For decades agents have maintained a stranglehold on the market but now people can sidestep them and secure a fairer deal”.

Fink is under the impression that estate agents are misleading market forces in the property sector by successfully obstructing direct communication between sellers and buyers.