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Focus selling…7 Simple tips to get you started

Friday 23 October 2015  / Ruth Montia

Whether your selling your company, yourself or your product its important to go about it the right way to achieve your goals.

Here’s 7 quick tips to help you get there…


1. Have a specific goal in mind and focus on its outcome, the end result.


2. Align that goal with your client’s needs. It’s easier to sell if you are meeting their specific need.


3. Listen, don’t presume you know what their need is. Ask them questions.


4. Let them talk (you have two ears and one mouth for a reason).


5. Understand their feelings. People make decisions with their emotions.


6. You need to genuinely care. Don’t pretend as they will see right through it.


7. Don’t be a machine, show them your human side.


8. Always make yourself available, this builds reassurance and trust.


These points will help you to adopt the perspective of the potential buyer/client. This in turn will encourage them to use you!