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£1 Million per annum! Fancy it?

Tuesday 13 October 2015  / Ruth Montia

I can’t help those that say no, but for those that say yes, then read on.

When Tony Blair, José Mourinho and last year’s Ryder Cup team take leadership advice from the most successful club manager in the world, then you may want to listen too.

On Sunday night Sir Alex Ferguson explained to the BBC his formula for building four new successful teams from scratch, just imagine doing this in your business. He won 13 out of 26 league titles and a host of European trophies by man management. Imagine doing this in your business.

What does he do that’s so magical?

Well last night he revealed some of his secrets, things that may be easy to say, but harder to follow unless we work at it. Things like ‘Get to know your team’. Learn about what they do, how they work, what they think, personally work harder than your team, get to work before them, leave after them, lead by example, be honest, be real, and be motivational to be the best.

Sir Michael Moritz, Venture Capitalist CEO also described what you may want to do to earn the respect that Sir Alex earnt from his players. “He could be the father confessor, the motivational speaker, the priest, the judge, the jury, the Lord High Executioner, the puppet master and the inspirational figure all in the course of one day.”

If I was to describe two things I took away from Sir Alex, it was his personal touch, his belief that everyone in the team is important, from tea boy to player and that the team is everything as illustrated by his ability to create young teams into giant slayers.

He would take every day examples to inspire his teams, including stopping training with 23 professional players and asking them to look to the sky and observe a V shaped arrow formation of geese as they flew overhead on their 4,000 mile journey to warmer climes. He would explain how each bird in the V shape would take it in turn to fly from the back to take it in turn to pull the rest of the team forward in their gruelling 4000 mile journey. Sir Alex would then turn to his squad, and say now if those birds can fly 4000 as a team, then surely you can give me 38 games to win the league.

If you have ‘catch up’ or a TIVO box then I would certainly recommend  watching or recording, its repeated on wendesday at 23.05 on BBC1.