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Over a million raised for eMoov

Wednesday 30 September 2015  / Ruth Montia

eMoov in its latest crowdfunding pitch recently exceeded its original target of raising £1m and with just two days to go they have managed to raise £1.7m.

Yesterday an investment of just over £100,000 was made and since the campaign began in September, the largest single investment made was for £350,000.

Ex-Dragon’s Den entrepreneur, James Caan has been ensured by eMoov and has tweeted his support and links, as did the agency’s chief executive and founder, Russell Quirk.

After just four days the campaign had raised two-thirds of its original £1m target. The target has now been exceeded and may yet be doubled by the end of the week when the investment window closes.

Russell Quirk says his firm is valued at £20m, having secured over £2m in past investments, he says “We have plans for a further raise in early 2016, with an IPO or private sale anticipated thereafter”.