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New online agent claiming to save vendors thousands

Wednesday 09 September 2015  / Ruth Montia


Just599 is a new online estate agent that has launched charging a flat fee of £599 “to get your house up on those big property portals” such as Zoopla, Rightmove  and PrimeLocation. They claim to save vendors thousands of pounds by “getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff high street agents do.”

Although they have a flat fee, there are other additional costs offered such as:

  • Photographs for property details costing £119 including VAT, aerial shots are an extra £29.
  • A floor plan is £119 and to make that plan  3-D interactive there’s another £79.
  • A For Sale board costs £119 and an EPC is £99
  • To host the open day on a Saturday or Sunday is an extra £399.

These extra costs can total up to around £1,560.

Marketing director for Just599, Ian Reece points out that “A 1.5% commission fee from a high street agent would result in a bill of over £10,000 just from selling a £560,000 home. A £10,000 fee for selling an average London home? It’s enough to get a decent second-hand Porsche – you wouldn’t buy an estate agent a Porsche would you?”

He continues “in the same way that consumers are increasingly using Uber instead of black cabs, property owners will start to use Just599 rather than commission-based estate agents.”

Just599 also claim that the service they provide “answers a question that many people have often asked: why do estate agents charge so much money? The answer seems to have been ‘because they could’.”

Vendors are forced to make the choice of online agent versus Traditional agents.