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The classic Tee… Everyone wears one, but who knows where to buy one?

Thursday 06 August 2015  / Ruth Montia

The white tee shirt was originally issued as regulation underwear for the US Navy in 1913. It has become a lasting source of comfort and a relaxed style for men ever since, a modest wardrobe essential which reveals as much or as little as the man wearing it decides.

It became a hot trend to wear this item against denim and is still as popular today as it was then.

The white tee tells a good story, it’s unique, fresh and rugged but above all its intimate – probably due to its founding as underwear.

Some tee shirts can stay with you for years and life others look washed out in after a couple of turns in the machine, but it all depends on the price you pay for it.

According to David Moore of Headen & Quarmby in Manchester, who make boxer shorts says “You can buy a big name brand tee shirt and still end up with spirality which is where side seams twist after a couple of washes, it’s down to knits being cut slightly off-grain by manufacturers cutting out too many garments from too little fabric to save money.”

So how do you know what to look for when buying a good tee shirt?

  • Fit – Close but not tight, there shouldn’t be extra fabric around the body and it should be long enough to layer without bagging out at the bottom.
  • Feel – You want organic cotton in a high thread count for a perfect ratio of soft to strong, when it feels right, it is right.
  • Shape Integrity – Some tee shirts are constructed on a circular knitter which can give you those twisted seams post wash. A good tee shirt keeps its shape, simple as that – it’ll soften over time but that’s what you’ll love about it.
  • Seams – Watch out for over-locked stitching round the seam at the base of the neck. You don’t see Don Draper scratching his neck during a killer presentation. You want the comfort of a double stitched French seam which will lie flat without an itchy edge.
  • Ethical Credentials – Tee shirt manufacture is a heavy water consuming and polluting process particularly for the people doing the graft. Instead, buy a tee shirt which is carbon neutral and made by people earning a fair living wage in comfortable working conditions.

Penny Dreadful makes it simple.

The new PD 100% organic cotton tee shirt is now available at £26.00 each in soft grey mélange or honest to goodness white, with a not too high not too low v neck to knock some of that stiff US Navy regulation out of the frame.

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