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EweMove’s policies

Wednesday 01 July 2015  / Ruth Montia

The online estate and letting agency EweMove’s co-founder Glenn Ackroyd says “If any seller is not happy with our service, for whatever reason, they can leave us at any time and we will not charge them a single penny” says EweMove’s

They believe house sellers take on a huge risk when they assign an estate agent to help them. If they feel let down by a poor service, or are not successful in selling their home, they can be left feeling stuck and frustrated, locked into long-term contracts. Also, many agreements have financial penalties restricting vendors from moving onto another agent. This is one of the main reasons Ackroyd thinks it’s crucial to have this policy in place, “consumer is king” he says in an era of social media and online website reviews. They are confident in their ability to provide an outstanding service that will help their customers achieve the best price in the time-frame that they want. Agent should not hold them against their will if they are unable to deliver the service promised.

EweMove launched as a franchise-based agency in 2013.