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This Month on Twitter: Part Time Conveyancers

Tuesday 28 April 2015  / Ruth Montia


Every month we select real tweets from people who have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration about the property market. We will offer help and advice where we can, as well as highlighting exactly how we are fighting against negative stereotypes.


“My conveyancer is slow and only seems to work part time.”

This is a common gripe from buyers and sellers and for good reason. In fact, a negative experience with slow and unresponsive solicitors is the main reason that clients flock to firms like AVRillo where a greater emphasis is placed on communication and customer service.


Traditional conveyancers avoid making contact with their clients and estate agents, preferring to communicate via letters through the post. In a process that already takes a number of weeks, snail mail can slow it down even more. When a solicitor is uncommunicative and difficult to get hold of, it’s little wonder clients assume they work part time!


Selecting the right conveyancer to work with is vital when it comes to a faster and more hassle-free road to completion. Specialism in conveyancing will also deliver a faster, friendlier and less stressful process for everyone involved. Experts in conveyancing also understand the value of communication and should provide a direct line and, in some cases, an automated messaging service to keep everyone updated.


“Record levels of hatred being directed at the TV. Mostly at the d*ckhead London estate agents #millionpoundproperty”


London estate agents are getting a bit of a bashing here and unfortunately it’s nothing new. With reports of properties in London taking on average under a month to sell as well as demands for higher fees, it’s easy to see why sometimes they come under fire.


The fast moving London market keeps agents on their toes, but can lead to buyers feeling rushed. Common complaints about London agents are the emphasis on speed and buyers feeling under-pressure to decide if they want to move forward on a property, sometimes while they’re still viewing it. Agents should remember to talk about something that interests potential clients rather than emphasising how many viewings the property has that day in order to push an instant decision.


London estate agents should look at more ways to offer incentives to their clients. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make the conveyancing process as pain free as possible and working with a specialist conveyancing solicitor. This not only makes the legal part of the process swift, but means you’re dealing with people who understand the importance of keeping clients updated every step of the way, which goes a long way in winning referrals and repeat custom.


If you have any queries about conveyancing you can get in touch with the team who would be happy to speak to you. Alternatively you can tweet us a question @av_rillo on Twitter.