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Smartphones for smart agents

Thursday 02 April 2015  / Ruth Montia

All Estate agents know that instructions are gold and keep the business flourishing, without them no money is made. As competition within the industry increases, instructions are becoming more difficult

Stephen Phillips, founder of digital marketing company growth track creates innovative solutions to help Estate Agents generate more business with minimum effort. One of his marketing slogans is: “The only difference between a small business and a large business is the amount of clients it has – and that’s where we can help”

Traditional advertising like newspapers have become far less effective, so at Growth Track they recognise for many that newer digital solutions like social media, email and SEO can often be difficult to learn about and expensive to use.

This is why Growth Track are a great choice for your business’s marketing needs because they are big believers in the power of keeping things simple. Their goal is to take the best digital marketing implements available and make them easy to use with little or no effort, therefore enabling you to free up more of your time to run your business.

Below is an example of how one of Growth Tracks clients is winning more instructions without having to spend any money!

Whenever they complete on a transaction, whether it be sales or lettings, they do their best on each case to invite their buyer or tenant to pick up the keys from their office. This offers the best opportunity to ask for a favour due to them being extremely satisfied with you services, they will be happy and hopefully full of praise!

This is when they ask them if they would be ok to answer three quick questions on video. Virtually everyone nowadays has a smartphone so this requires only around 90 seconds of effort.

  1. Why did you choose our company when making your purchase?
  2. What was the experience like in dealing with us?
  3. How likely are you to recommend us to anyone else?

Once his is done they simply use a one button upload to You Tube from their phone (you can set up a company account for free if you don’t already have one), create an email in under two minutes (using our Growth News system) and send it out to all of their potential clients as well as sharing it on social media.

Putting testimonials on your website is not effective anymore as people don’t take the time to view websites for long. Sending a video delivers a far better proof of the service clients have recieved and because few agents do this, it generates a real distinction between them and their competitors.

To get in touch with Growth Track please contact : 020 3670 1000.