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Too famous for Google.

Sunday 27 July 2014  / Ruth Montia

For those who have attempted to search their humble abode on Google Earth and Street View, you may have found that the nifty camera (which, attached to a Google Car whizzes down just about the majority of the accessible streets known to our planet), has often captured more than what it bargained for. On occasion homeowners can find themselves the subject of the camera’s eye, and it isn’t always a flattering angle. People urinating in front of a house, odd shaped buildings…you name it, the camera sees it all.

And it is this scrutinising lens that comes under fire as of recent, with a list of celebrities requesting that their homes be obscured from Google Street View’s 3D mapping service. Many of Britain’s most famous musicians, including Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, classical singer Katherine Jenkins, and pop artist Lily Allen are among the rich and famous who are suddenly Google shy.

Google have responded by stating that the faces of people and car number plates appearing in Google Street View pictures are automatically blurred to protect identities and those concerned about wanting to blur Street View images are invited to report the image to the search engine themselves. However, it seems that the information itself is not entirely deleted. Instead, the link to the given information is removed, a reaction to a recent May ruling of the European Court of Justice that the search engine remove links to information deemed “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant” at the risk of paying a fine.

So before the celebrity blurring bandwagon ensues, perhaps get Google searching for those dream houses. Otherwise in the meantime, for more entertainment please see: