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The Beatles ‘…will you still need me… when I’m 64’

Friday 25 July 2014  / Ruth Montia

Well sometimes, it feels like you’re got the energy of a 34 year old when you start your conveyancing and feel like you’re 64 by the time your conveyancer finishes with you. Time can drag and drag and draaaaag. Delays are the curse of conveyancing. And worse, the longer the delays the more chance of you not actually making it to the end. Until exchange, both buyer and seller can change their mind. No matter how long both have spent trying to get to completion of their sale or purchase. On a whim they can decide to pull out, leaving one of them out of pocket, frustrated, stressed and feeling depressed.

So, were The Beatles right? ‘Will you still need me…when I’m 64?’ That could be a yes. You won’t need your solicitor if they delay because you won’t get to 64 if the other party pulls out because of delays or simply gets fed up or pulls out because of a better price elsewhere.

So how do you stay fresh and as close to 34 as possible in your energy levels?

Again listen to the Beatles lyrics, Google it or YouTube it and you’ll see the verse:

“Drop me an (email), drop me a line,

Stating point of view…

…Indicate precisely what you mean to say

So use your solicitor wisely.

Firstly, try not to call but email your precise question instead. Calls tend to clog up solicitors working on your files. They take the call but inevitably have to grab your file to give you a complete update. That means they have to call you back. This risks the telephone tennis of you calling them, they calling you, you not being around, you calling them, they calling you and so on. That time could be better used by you sending a quick email. They reading your question, setting time aside and providing you with a full written update at much faster speeds.

You don’t need that hassle and neither does your conveyance, so follow the Beatles when they said “…Drop me an (email), drop me a line”

Secondly, be precise when you speak to them. Email them specific questions and encourage them to reply in writing so you have a record of where you are. If you really need to speak to them then choose a time when they are around. Remember solicitors usually work on files in the morning; followed by early afternoon meetings, leaving telephone time to around 2.30 onwards. So if you have an urgent request, then call them after 2.30 but not before. So remember the Beatles when they say “…Indicate precisely what you mean to say

Thirdly, try to co-operate as best you can. The most difficult part of a transaction for you as client would be to provide your solicitors with the money laundering ID evidence and money trail evidence if your are buying. You need to send your solicitors private documents proofs you the person you say you are. So listen on to the Beatles and follow their advice when they say:

Give me your answer, fill in a form

Will you still need me with you still feed me when I’m sixty four.

What to do next, if you want a link to the Beatles lyrics for “when I’m sixty four then just email me, otherwise call us for any advice on how to best use your solicitor to progress your case and we would be glad to send you one of our guides for free. Email me on .

NB: Artistic licence used to adopt lyrics, conveyancing style.

Angelo Piccirillo, Co-founder and MD Avrillo Solicitors.