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Help! My phone is driving me mad.

Thursday 24 July 2014  / Ruth Montia

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Your conveyancer looks up from their desk. Scans the room for a willing sacrifice to dull the incessant ringing. No takers.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Resurfaces head from desk to check if situation has changed in the past 3 rings. That’s a no. Still no one is picking up.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Ok then, I’ll pick up the phone. Oh, it is not for me, what a surprise…

Puts phone down. Attempts to carry on thought train prior to ring. Oh dear, focus lost.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Every single office worker with a telephone system installed in the workplace (that’s basically everyone, this is the 21st century here) understands this aggravating scenario of the average working day. Interruptions from calls and emails are now one of the most stress causing factors to modern office working. The constant interruptions lower productivity during the normal 9-5 working day. This means that most office workers are left stressed during the day and are forced to work late to catch up on lost time due to telephone and email interruptions.

And so this cycle is repeated in the conveyancing office environment where conveyancers pick up phones, some for them, most not for them. Even those calls directed at the conveyance can pose a weighty task as conveyances often need to consult their files to fully respond, which means an on-the-spot answer to a client’s query is not always possible and must call back later. In turn come the issues of the voicemail telephone table tennis where a. the solicitor calls back but the client is not in or b. the client calls the solicitor but the solicitor is occupied on the phone. So, what is the solution?

The answer: structure your day. Do your work in the morning and take calls in the afternoon. Difficult? No, not if you make the initial call to your client to explain how best you can progress their file. Explain that you will take all calls from 2pm onwards and if you are engaged when they call then request that they send you an email enquiry, which you can then consider with a full reply and return to them by phone or an in-depth email response.

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Angelo Piccirillo, Co-founder and MD Avrillo Solicitors.