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Cheap Easy jet flights, cheap conveyancing?

Saturday 26 July 2014  / Ruth Montia

They’ve already turned their hands at air travel, vehicle transportation, exercise (and even pizza), and now Stelios Haji-Ioannou of EasyJet fame has founded his next venture, Easy Property.

The serial entrepreneur, as he has come to be branded, has set up the company alongside property man Robert Ellice for an alternative solution to buying, selling, letting and renting.

But what are we to expect of the ‘easy’ property platform considering Stelios most famous enterprise to date, EasyJet. Well organised, yes. Well branded, yes. Good track record with air travel, yes. But property is a different thing altogether. Don’t forget Harry Hill, of Rightmove fame, tried to enter the conveyancing field and failed. Will Stelios be any different.

Perhaps if conveyancing goes back to basics, cuts the technical vocabulary only solicitors understand, the excess of inefficient communication between agents and solicitors and the red tape that seems to swamp the conveyancing, then EasyProperty will deliver the bare minimum needed to buy or sell. And perhaps, that bare minimum is all that is needed for a successful exchange. AVRillo solicitors are keen supporters of new innovations to ensure clients more faster and with less stress. Whether Stelios succeeds or not is to be seen. Whether he gets the right solicitors on board working for him and whether he is able to manage them is a difficult task. Solicitors are one of the most difficult professions to manage and control. So good luck Stelios on your venture.

For the time being as a consumer you should keep looking for solicitors who understand his vision. Find a conveyancing solicitor who has a track record of moving fast, of working with your estate agent, of good customer service and the ability to listen and act quickly to get you moved before your transaction falls through.

But whatever you do, don’t mix ‘easy’ with ‘cheap’. Cheap risks you buying problems. I have never come across anything which is both cheap and good. You find good value for money pricing so choose someone who will ensure your lifetime savings are looked after at a reasonable price when you come to buy and sell.

So in conclusion, Stelios we wish you luck in this difficult market. But flying is one thing, and the property market as we have seen in the past few years, can sky rocket for all the wrong reasons. The question is, will EasyProperty manage to stay up in the air? We hope so as AVRillo need good solicitors we can work with on the other end of our transactions.

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Angelo Piccirillo, Co-founder and MD Avrillo Solicitors