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BBC…conveyancing fraud:

Wednesday 23 July 2014  / Ruth Montia

Fraud is not a word to be taken lightly and certainly not a word that a client would like to hear associated with their conveyancing file.

Unfortunately BBC’s ‘The One Show’ raised the issue of Vendor Conveyancer Fraud for its viewers recently, namely the case of a fraudulent barrister.

The programme however stressed the seriousness of the rise in fraudulent crime in many other aspects of the law that consumers should be conscious of. These include crimes involving the identity theft of law firm brands and lawyers themselves and the easy access these criminals have through the infiltration of a conveyancing transaction.

So, how can you protect your money and your case? How do you ensure the protection of your client money in conveyancing transactions? Firstly pick a reputable firm with a proven track record like our award-winning Lexcel accreditations. Moreover, to save yourself getting caught out AVRillo advise that you build a strong and reliable policy on checking account details before sending funds to anyone. This will ensure you are managing this growing risk and are aware of the money trail within your case. Just leave us to sort out the rest!