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Wimbledon Tennis Final? No, it’s the conveyancing final!

Sunday 22 June 2014  / Ruth Montia

When it comes to the sporting event of the property market, you can count the constant toing and froing of the telephone between the two-conveyancing solicitors equivalent of the Wimbledon final. That is the buyer’s solicitor and the vendor Solicitor.

From personal experience, we as solicitors know how difficult it can be to get hold of solicitors or other parties in the transaction such as the lenders. Certainly, this is just as frustrating for clients as it is us. So what can we do to help us get through to the person we actually need to speak to in order to progress the conveyancing transaction?

At AVRillo, we have adopted the process of leaving and voicemail, followed up by an email with the intended query and a request to be called back in the event the person needed is not available. We then let everyone know the update, including clients and estate agents, so that they too can get involved and help.

This process helps speed replies to questions raised in additional enquiries. Otherwise small problems can escalate for no reason. Do it, pick up that phone and send that email follow up.

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