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Save Money with AVRillo

Thursday 05 June 2014  / Administrator

At AVRillo we pride ourseleves by doing things a little differently to save our clients time and money.

We get the legal side of moving house done as quickly as possible, and we only get paid once the files are exchanged.

For Buyers

AVRillo clients are less likely to pay for unnecessary valuations, brokers and legal fees and still secure the home they want.

For sellers

AVRillo will do everything we can to avoid legal delays which result in wasted time and money when the sale of their property is prolonged.

A protracted sale often means that mortgage repayments on the property are paid which should be unnecessary if the sale goes through faster.

Don’t Take Our Word For it Listen to our Clients

We have hundreds of reviews from happy clients but also many from estate agents who also benefit from the their clients using the services of the firm by getting the houses and apartments on their books sold faster.

One thing they all appreciate is the weekly email that they are sent which updates them on the progress of their file so that they are in the picture as to how the transaction is going. This way they know and can plan the stages of their move with more confidence than they would if their solicitor was keeping them in the dark.

Many of the AV Rillo reviews are an appreciation of the attention that the firm provides to clients as individuals, the efforts that they make to progress their file in the shortest time, and the professionalism that they show while doing it. Many state that they would not hesitate to recommend the firm and that they would use them again.

Conveyancing can be the most frustrating feature of buying and selling property.  Whether the sale is of a grand country mansion or a small apartment, the delays that can occur as a result of the legal work in getting a file through to completion and exchange causes immense stress at a difficult time.  The worst of it is that it often isn’t clear why there should be a delay at all.

At AVRillo we dedicte ourselves to avoiding the waste of time and money, and keeping clients informed.   AVRillo seek to spare their clients much of the hassle of moving.