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How does AV Rillo provide such a great service?

Tuesday 03 June 2014  / Administrator

AV Rillo has been among UK’s leading conveyancing specialists for over twenty years. We have dealt with countless satisfied clients who have come back to us after their first successful conveyancing experience. Our customer-service policies are unique and focus on aspects that are usually not paid much heed to in the industry. We focus on getting clients through the transaction as safely as possible, all the while making it fast and avoiding unnecessary delays which are too often considered the hallmark of legal world. 
Conveyancing is simply the legal terminology given to the process of transferring property from one person to another. Unfortunately, this process is a lot more complex that just that, requiring specialist handling by somebody with specialist knowledge. This is where we come in, sharing the client’s burdens by taking care of all the paperwork. We believe in a relationship of mutual trust with our clients which is what makes the entire process smooth and fast.

As you can see from our AV Rillo reviews, our clients are satisfied by having us act on their behalf. For clients who are selling their houses, we apply for title deeds on their behalf and fill in enquiry forms. We then prepare contracts and send them out along with completed enquiry forms, after which we negotiate with buyer’s solicitor. Once the buyer puts down the deposit, we obtain a settlement figure for our client’s mortgage and get the transfer deed approved. We also make arrangements for the client to sign it, receive balance of the purchased price, pay off the mortgage, hand over the deeds and congratulate the client on a successful transaction.

For our clients who want to buy properties, we first ask them for a detailed account of their expenses to make sure they can afford all the explicit and implicit costs involved in the process. We then obtain a contract from the seller’s solicitor, make additional enquiries, carry out council searches, receive offers for mortgage and report these details to the buyer along with contract and request for the deposit. Once the client puts down the money for deposit and signs the contract, we collect deeds, register the purchase on behalf of the client and congratulate them on their purchase!

Our AV Rillo reviews can give you a more precise and direct account of how satisfied our clients are with us. If you have any general or specific queries, feel free to give us a call.