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Another Great Year at AVRillo

Monday 02 June 2014  / Administrator

AVRillo clients report exceptionally high levels of satisfaction and speedy transactions

AVRillo Solicitors continue to provide a different sort of service altogether. We are working hard to keep our award winning service fast, friendly, open and ethical. In a recent survey 98% of customers reported complete satisfaction with the service. We continue to maintain our success rate for conveyancing at around 96% – which compared with the national failure rate of around 30% is something we can justly feel proud of!

Recent AVRillo reviews from customers have described our services as ‘excellent and ridiculously fast, ‘clear and utterly professional’ and said that ‘at every step they were honestly priced and timely delivered’.

AVRillo reviews from Estate Agents agree – they describe us as ‘second to none’ and an ‘A1 service’. One added that after ‘15 years in the job … you are the best I have seen’

So how does AVRillo keep on achieving such outstanding results? We were founded in 1989 by the Piccirillo brothers and still have a friendly family atmosphere for both customers and staff. We continue to provide all our staff with specialist training in our own Training Academy so that their expertise is always up to date. Our online 24/7 tracking service now enables clients to keep an eye on how things are progressing without the need for time consuming phone calls or letters. Our client base has continued to grow and includes some well-known names from sport, politics and media.

It is widely acknowledged that buying and selling property is one of life’s most stressful events. Delays in the legal process and high charges (particularly hidden costs) only make things worse. The frustration and inconvenience that can arise from being unable to contact your conveyancer or find out what progress has been made in your sale or purchase surely need no elaboration!

At AVRillo we are continuing to invest in staff and systems to ensure that our clients avoid these pitfalls. Our specialist staff, 24/7 online system, regular updates and determination to work ethically and be open about all costs continue to set us apart from other conveyancing firms, and will enable our family firm to continue its current development long into the future. Why not get in touch and see how we can help you?