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Take a Look at the Latest AVRillo Reviews

Thursday 29 May 2014  / Administrator

 AVRillo’s consistent hard work and high quality of service has earned them a loyal fan base of both customers and Estate Agents who are keen to recommend the company to others through AVRillo reviews. Although each case is treated on an individual basis to meet the particular needs of each client, there are common themes which keep cropping up in their feedback. Let’s take a look at a few of them below.


Fast – The team at AVRillo understands the need for speed. By English Law, either party can pull out of an exchange until a deal is officially signed which can lead to huge losses in terms of time, money and opportunity. Fiona McGrath, a producer who worked with AVRillo has labelled the company’s services ‘ridiculously fast‘, whilst Michael Wooley, Manager at Stirling Ackroyd, expressed his gratitude at the ‘prompt contact from the solicitor dealing with a particular case, with all calls being returned on the same day.

Hard Working – AVRillo work around the clock to ensure they always deliver a high standard of service. Eastenders Actor, Marc Elliot, has left a review which thanks AVRillo for their ‘hard work‘ and ‘perseverance‘ on what he claims had the potential to be a particularly difficult sale. Estate Agents have noticed that AVRillo approach all parts of their business in the same way, such as the website and weekly email updates which altogether ‘go above and beyond to help us and our clients.’

Professional – With over fifty years combined experience, AVRillo are able to deliver a highly professional service. This has been recognised by customers such as Max Alexander from London who states that AVRillo were ‘clear and utterly professional at every step.‘ Similarly, Estate Agent, J Johnson, notes that the ‘quality and professionalism‘ of AVRillo’s staff is ‘exceptional.’

Second to none – AVRillo set out to be a conveyancing company with a difference and by putting the customer at the heart of their business, that’s exactly what they’ve achieved. A number of reviewers have compared AVRillo to their competitors, such as Actor, Tom McKay, who expresses his surprise that AVRillo ‘achieved in one day what other solicitors found impossible to do in over two months.’ Jason Godfray, Director at Aspire Estates, claims that he’s never received this level of service and has ‘been an estate agent since 1988.’ Similarly, Churchills’ Manager, Kevin Briley, states that ‘Fifteen years in the job and you’re the best I’ve seen.’

These AVRillo reviews stand as evidence to the fact that AVRillo provide an excellent service which ensures that the customer is happy every step of the way.