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How Does AV Rillo Help You Save Money?

Friday 23 May 2014  / Administrator


When it comes to buying or selling property, it’s important to choose the solicitor who will be handling your conveyance based on quality rather than price, but with AV Rillo you get the best of both.

In the long process of buying or selling property conveyance is the final stretch of the track. However, if you aren’t careful all the hard work you have put in up to that point in regards to the process can go to waste, as the deal isn’t secure until you complete the exchange. This is why it’s absolutely critical to find a solicitor who has your best interests in mind and who will do everything to complete the conveyance process efficiently and prudently.

When AV Rillo was first created 16 years ago by the Piccirillo brothers the emphasis was on making the conveyance process easier for their clients. To achieve this, they put an emphasis on minimising the monetary and time expenditures of both the buyer and seller. Today, this involves the solicitors doing everything in their power to complete the exchange as soon as possible to the extent that they work odd hours to make sure your deal is wrapped sooner than later.

Because of its policies, AV Rillo has one of the lowest abortive rates in the country, sitting at 9% rather than the industry standard of 30%. This saves you the client money, as there are less chances of your sale falling through. That said, the disappointment and ramifications of a nearly finished deal being lost in the final stages are difficult to overstate and AV Rillo is dedicated to making sure clients don’t have to experience that.

AV Rillo reviews have seen 98% of its clients rate the services it offers as ‘excellent’. The same percentage of clients says that they would recommend the firm to others. This has been confirmed by the Law Society, which has given them ‘Quality Conveyancing’ and ‘Legal Excellence’ accreditations. Many of the AV Rillo reviews talk about the quick and effective services that form the core of the firm.

While conveyancing can be a long drawn out process, the quicker it’s achieved the less likely it is that your deal will fall through. This is what sets AV Rillo’s services apart. If you’re looking for a conveyance solicitor, you can get in contact with AV Rillo and find out what they can do for you.