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Are Buyers and Sellers Looking for Cheap Conveyancing?

Wednesday 12 March 2014  / Administrator

When looking for a conveyancing quote solicitors and estate agents alike think the client is going to choose on price. Research show however that price is at the bottom of their criteria list.

The majority of buyers or sellers are looking at value for money.

The buying process of finding a conveyancing solicitor tends to follow the pattern or asking their estate agent for a referral.

The agent will sometimes give or possibly two recommend solicitors. Estate agents base their conveyancing recommendation of factors including how well the solicitor communicates with both the agent and the client. How fast the conveyancing solicitor can get to exchange of contracts and then completion of the purchase or the sale. How well the conveyancer understands the practicalities of conveyancing and how well he is able to get on with the other solicitors and agents in the chain.

The buyer or seller will often then take the conveyancing solicitors names and look online at their websites. They won’t stay on their website for long but just enough to get an idea of whether they feel comfortable with the conveyancer recommended.

They will then try to find a testimonials or reviews for that solicitor. This is not always accurate as the web is riddled with review sites which postings which are false or from competitors trying to damage each other’s reputation or hackers and reviewers who try to tarnish a service simply for the challenge.

The laws on Defamation has recently changed by the introduction of the Defamation Act to try to curb the abuse of those simply being vindictive online and there have been some major decisions already in regarding to high profile offensive and defamatory posting ranging from tweeting to face book.

Luckily most prospective buyers or conveyancing are not taken in by these review scams and will ring through to the conveyancing solicitor and ask for a conveyancing quote.

They will then normally choose a conveyancing solicitor who they feel comfortable and assured by. This is important as over the next two to three months the property buyer or seller has to be able to get and trust their conveyancing solicitor. Get it wrong and you end up with real problems, including a real possibility of not actually buying or selling.

Other problems of making the wrong choice include ending up with a defective legal conveyancing title. This could cost thousands of pounds to put right or having to sue your solicitor to put right. More stress on what is already a very stressful situation.

Indeed the saying that three most stressful events in life are death, divorce, and moving house are as true now as they were over 24 years ago when I first entered the profession. If anything it is getting worse.