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Then take a read below of our top tips to buying and selling in the Enfield area.


You will need to appoint a conveyancing solicitor to deal with the legal parts of your move. Without the legal stuff, you cannot move.  Be warned though, conveyancing is often stressful, long drawn out and slow. Don’t think you are going to move overnight, even after the offer has been accepted.


So, where should you start looking for your solicitors?


Friends, family or a recommendation from your estate agent? We advise that you try to find a conveyancing solicitors in Enfield itself.  They will be very familiar with the Enfield Area, its particular risks, environmental and other relevant factors which will make your conveyancing smoother, faster and give you more chance of buying or selling your Enfield home.


Should you look to compare residential conveyancing quotes online?


If you do, then typing in key search words into google such as ‘Enfield Conveyancing Solicitors Quotes’, ‘Conveyancing Quotes in Enfield’ or ‘Conveyancing fees in Enfield’ will find you what you need.

An ‘Enfield conveyancing solicitors’ search is more likely to give you results for local area. Simply typing in general keywords such as ‘Instant online conveyancing quotes’ or ‘cheap online conveyancing’, will give you generic websites for conveyancing solicitors who are not local to the Enfield area at all. These can be hundreds of miles away and not familiar with the area.


Should you look for fixed fee conveyancing quotes?


This is a common misconception. No conveyancing solicitors can give you a true fixed fee, because costs are not fixed. They can be for straightforward scenarios, but both the Law Society and CLC point out that solicitors or conveyancers charge additional fees if complications arise.  Look out for solicitors, whether in Enfield or not, who say their fees are fixed. They should refer to basic costs and explain how they charge for additional services if complications arise.  Beware of such phrases which are too good to be true, they often are and this is where consumers have real problems. They get ‘stung’ with the so called hidden fees.  One of the major sources of complaints to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) who regulate solicitors and the CLC (who regulate conveyancers) are cost and fee complaints.


So what words should you be aware of?


Think twice before accepting quotes with words such as ‘fixed fee conveyancing quotes’, ‘cheap conveyancing quotes’ or ‘cheap conveyancing fees’ for example.

If they refer to transparent conveyancing quotes, then ensure they send you all of their terms for the additional conveyancing services, as some solicitors hide these and send them to you after your

instruction. It’s a bit late then, as you are already in a contract and they will most probably try to charge you additional fees if you choose to walk way.


So what are the average Conveyancing Fees in Enfield?


This will depend on whether you are selling or buying your home, so the fee difference could be a couple of hundred pounds or more, depending on the complexity. Are you buying a leasehold flat in Enfield? If so, budget for the leasehold costs your management company will charge you. Most Landlords keep this to a reasonable basis compared to London boroughs such as Chelsea and Kensington, but check with them first. Even in Enfield, these charges will vary depending on what postcode you fall into, for example EN1, EN2 or EN3 because some areas are more expensive than others.


So, if you are looking to compare Conveyancing Quotes for your Property Sale or Property Purchase in the Enfield area, then my advice would be to research thoroughly. Go on google reviews or other review sites such as Feefo or Trust. Maybe try Checkaprofessional, but please do not just do a google search for ‘cheap conveyancing’.  You know what they say, “buy cheap, pay twice”. And just think back, how many times have you purchased cheaply and regretted it?


Don’t forget, property in Enfield is not cheap. You will be selling or buying your home at prices ranging from a few hundred thousand to millions of pounds. Do you really want to save money on your conveyancing by putting your trust in a cheap solicitor or conveyancer? Think before you act.



By the way, what’s the difference between a qualified residential conveyancing solicitor and a licensed conveyancer?


One is qualified in multi disciplines, including conveyancing. The other is qualified in conveyancing only. Each is governed by a separate body, Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) or the Council of Licensed Conveyancers (CLC).


So what is your biggest expense really?


Well by far, it’s the level of Stamp Duty (SDLT) you will pay when buying a property. This is because there will be very few properties in Enfield that are less than the £125,000 stamp duty tax threshold for England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Your conveyancing solicitors will calculate this for you based on your purchase property price, but it will run into thousands of pounds.   An example of a Stamp Duty Higher Rate could be if you buy and sell your property within the same transaction, then you should avoid being liable to pay the additional higher rate stamp duty. Another exemption could be if you sell your existing property within 36 months from the date of completion on your new property. These are just two examples, but your conveyancing solicitors or conveyancer will need to guide you fully through the new Stamp Duty Rates and Rules which came into force in April 2016.



We hope you find this article useful in your move even if you choose not to buy or sell your property in Enfield.


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