Are clients losing out financially?

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Are solicitors making hard work of conveyancing?

Conveyancing solicitors have to remember that buyers and sellers share the same objective, “Move as fast and as stress–free as possible”. So, why do so many solicitors seem to make things so difficult? Many do not take calls and when they do reply, it’s often in ‘half-answers’, using language that most people don’t understand!

It is the solicitor’s job to explain in simple terms what, if any risks, the client takes; enlist the appropriate safeguards and offer sound, proven advice while encouraging them to make informed, reasonable decisions.

For example, perhaps the client does not want to argue about an indemnity policy but would rather just pay for it.

Don’t forget, buying a home is first and foremost a commercial transaction – not merely a legal process. And clients do not need to be nannied by solicitors determined to make their decisions for them! I am constantly hearing complaints from estate agents saying that solicitors are overstepping the mark or sitting on things, not taking calls and so on. Solicitors must not forget that their client is paying them to get moved safely and as quickly as possible. To achieve this, great solicitors work closely with the client’s estate agent – using them as a go-between and don’t treat them as interfering busy bodies who don’t know what they are doing.

Estate agents can help the client’s transaction proceed more smoothly. After all, it’s the estate agent who may have spent months in putting the deal together, speaking to both buyer and seller and is negotiating the deal. For example, why not ask the estate agent to help mediate if the respective clients are at loggerheads as to who is going to pay for an £100 indemnity policy as most people would really just prefer to pay for a small cost indemnity then to have their solicitors waste time arguing about it. After all, the ‘argument’ could take weeks or even longer to resolve while the seller is wasting thousands in mortgage payments… all over such a trivial issue?

And why should such a minor point take so long for solicitors to resolve? Because many would rather hide behind multiple emails and countless letters rather than to pick up the phone and resolve the matter. I mean why be quick if you can drag out the process and charge the client more!?

Again, the only loser is the client.

Conveyancing is a necessary process in the commercial transaction of buying and selling property. But let’s not forget who is paying the bills and what they are trying to achieve.

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